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  1. me-n-my-fish

    Crab Id

    Better pics coming. Black pointed claws, body is smooth and almost slimy? Any ideas??
  2. me-n-my-fish

    Build my 150 Gal

    I have been a reef guy for ever, so i dont know anything about the setup of an aggressive tank. I went to get somthing for my 100 gal reef, and there was this 150 sitting there. Holes drilled just like i like it. My fish store guy seen me looking and said that he would make me a deal on it...
  3. me-n-my-fish

    Bang-Your limewater doser

    I went back over your lagon post. I remebered that you have a really cool setup for dosing the kalk, but the pics are gone. I have a 100 Gal tank, with all the trimmings. Long story (question) short, my tank evaps about 1 to 1-n-1/2 galls a day. I am getting worked to the bone keeping kalk...
  4. me-n-my-fish

    Ophiura-Need Permission..

    I have been wanting a Blue linka for years now. I have built my new tank system around it and a Flame Angle (one day!!). What i have Main Tank and Equipment: 100 Gal about 150 lbs of live rock 3 inch DSB in display tank Tank is feed with a Mag 9.5 from the sump, and 2 Little Giant 2's on a...
  5. me-n-my-fish

    That will wake ya up in the morning....

    Kinda off topic.... Part of my morning routine, is to go out to the garage and fill a jug with RO/DI water. I have my system in there, fill one, and have one full from the day before, to let the temp stabilze. I do this every morning, so i know that this was done last night, because it was not...
  6. me-n-my-fish

    Best K-rating for Frag Tank?

    I have a 30 gal that i am setting up for a frag tank. It will mainly be softies, polyps, 'shrooms, and maybe some LPS down the road. Lighting will be 250 watts MH. What would be the best K rating for growth? i have heard 10K, but just wanted some other options. Thanks for the help!!
  7. me-n-my-fish

    How Many Snails

    I have a 110 gal reef, with a 20 gal 'fuge. Both have a ~4" dsb. How many narrsis (sp) snails would be good for each? I dont want to over populate, but my LFS and me just bought 200 :help:
  8. me-n-my-fish

    Hitchhiker Star ID-Ophiura

    Just found it this morn in my 'fuge. kinda small yet, little less than a dime. Tried to get some close up pic's. What i am worried about is that my tank is only like 6 mths old. Dont know if he will make it? Dont even know what kind it is. There is nothing in the 'fuge but macro, pods, and...
  9. me-n-my-fish

    Cyno, but kinda weird

    Just switched from a 55 gallon long, to my long awaited 110 gallon custom. I say just, its been like 4 months. Every thing was ok in the 55 but just not big enuf. My tank specs 110 gallon Lights less than 4 months old 175 watt MH 10,000 k's on each end 250 watt MH 20,000 k in middle Return...
  10. me-n-my-fish

    ordering new tank. need advice

    Well, i am ordering a new 110 gal tank this coming up saterday. I need some help trying to figure out where to put the holes. I have seen tanks with holes on the bottom, and then they have those little corner baffles that the water runs over. And i have seen them with the holes on the back...
  11. me-n-my-fish

    First 6-Pack. Be Gentle

    Here we go..... First up is my lill frog spawn..
  12. me-n-my-fish

    Kip, Flatworm Exit?!?

    Fixing to get some flatwork exit tommorrow. Lookin for some pointers on its use. I have read the inet and found some good tips, but would like to hear from somebody has experiance, and that i trust. I read your post on when you used it, just doing all my homework. I got these lill buggers...
  13. me-n-my-fish

    Umm, what the heck!!

    These are all over my tank. This is one of the bigger ones. Best pic I can get..... I have no idea. Gill Flukes? Flat Worms?? Creature from the deep???:notsure:
  14. me-n-my-fish

    OT: Little Help?!?

    Workin on a website for one of the LFS. My DNS will have it live in about 3 hours give or take. I need an "Under Construciton" page. Could some of yall post a picture, if you have one, of your tank, in the middle of setting it up. You know, like when it was under construction. Or drop it on...
  15. me-n-my-fish

    Fish tank stereo types?

    Kinda of topic, but still on the reef tank subject. This has happend to me 3 times in the last week. I have had some plumbing problems, that was affecting my sal. Kinda had me worried while at work. People saw it, and asked what was wrong. I told them about my tank. Anyways, what makes...
  16. me-n-my-fish

    New Auto Top-Off thingie

    Hey, look at what i got today?? Thing will hold like 30 gals of water. Wheels and all. I can roll it over to my RO/DI holding tank, filler up, and then roll it back to the tank. Now i just have to "rig" up a float valve. It only holds water in the top half, so i should beable to use...
  17. me-n-my-fish

    RO/DI and HairAlgae

    Got some kinda problem. I had hair algae running wild in my tank. Test source water (tap) and that was the cause. Been using RO/DI from my new machine, and the hair algae is receading at a rapid pace. To tell the truth, its dang near gone. But, now i my tank looks to be going down hill. My...
  18. me-n-my-fish

    WTB: Small overflow box

    Lookin for a small overflow box for my 30 gall frag tank. Let me know thanks.........
  19. me-n-my-fish

    Firefish Goby wont eat

    I have only had him for 2 days so far. He seems very happy. Swimmin around and stuff. I have fed zooplankton by sweetwater and some brine. He will take it in, then, spit it back out on both. Is there something i am missing here? Everything else in the tank goes crazy when i feed...
  20. me-n-my-fish

    Add to RO/DI Water?

    What do you add to RO/DI water, if anything? I remember hearing that u have to add some stuff the the filter takes out, but for the life of me i can't remember. TIA