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  1. flip_x

    Baby clown trigger

    Hey everyone. Someone was telling me that u can keep a baby clown trigger in a reef tank. Since it's small like u can train it. To be friends with tank inmates. Anyways what are your thoughts the ct is pretty good price. And I like it. Thanks Cedric
  2. flip_x

    White Tips on acro

    I just did a bunch of moving of rocks today and added another 15 lbs.. and some of the tips of my tri color turned white =( will it just grow over it? or should i clip it off? it was just growing a few new little heads too on those tips.. Also would u use a aquarmckzo 20k bulb never heard of...
  3. flip_x

    Bulb for a M58 probe start ballast

    Hey everyone.. been looking at bulbs and i dont know what kind to get... right now i have some cheap 20k in there right now.. i wanted to try some reeflux or radiums but they say they dont work right with my type of ballast.. so any other ideas? i was thinking of xm.. thanks Cedric
  4. flip_x

    question about brain corals

    Hey everyone i just picked up a open brain coral i believe.. green in the middle and red on the outside.. anyways i just wanted to ask if its normal for them to pulse alot? or are they not happy? thanks Cedric
  5. flip_x

    dosing vitamin C

    Anyone ever tired this? does it help? I got some zoas thats slowly dying and i dont know why.. and i heard dosing vitamin c helps... if it does what kind do you get buffered powered vitamin c? Thanks Cedric
  6. flip_x

    my new acro!

    Hey just picked this up last week.. what you think about it? does it look healthy? at night the polyps extend but not as much during the day? Thanks Cedric Oh whats the name of it? i know its just a tri color acro!
  7. flip_x

    cleaning bio balls and ceramic circles

    you think cleaning bio balls and the ceramic circles with freshwater will cause a small ammo and nitrite spike? thanks Cedric
  8. flip_x

    Just cleaned alot of stuff think it helps with nitrates?

    Hey everyone!! i just finished cleaning my fish tank well just the equipment.. as i have high nitrates 50.. anyways i cleaned my skimmer and bubble trap.. omg that thing was soo heavy.. then cleaned my ph they were all gunked up with algae then cleaned my dt cheato i put in as it had alot of...
  9. flip_x


    Hey everyone for the past week my tank is growing alot of green stuff on the tank all sides.. like its easy to wipe off.. just makes the tank not pretty.. anyway i tested some of my water and heres what it is.. Ammo 0 ph 8.2 nitrate .50 and i cant remember the other two.. any ideas why this...
  10. flip_x

    tri color acro

    Hey everyone i was looking at a tri color arco on a big 8x4 live rock.. it covers 3/4 of the rock.. one side of the arco has two different color zoa's maybe like 80+ each color.. and the other side a yellow star polyp.. hes frag the arco so they are abut 3/4in to and 1" in height.. he will sell...
  11. flip_x

    xenias turning white

    hey guys my xenias are turning white some of them have died already i think.. but they were fine early this week.. they all just started to pulse too.. so i dunno whats wrong with them.. thanks Cedric
  12. flip_x

    green star polyp and Xenias

    Hey guys i just recently got a GSP and they arent coming out anymore... the little holes they come out of are turning brown.. when i bought them they were in the car for a few hours but it was kind of cold.. do u think it could of killed them?? Also with i got the xenias that day... and it...
  13. flip_x

    Do you think these are the real ones?

    Hey guys do you think these are the real african hornets? thanks guys Cedric
  14. flip_x

    a good bulb for a bell pendant

    Hey i just picked up a used 250 watt mh it has a bell type pendant.. right now it has a fairly new ushio 10k but i want to switch to a 20k so i dont have to run an atinic bulb.. i may still run one but not now.. the reason i ask is because i dunno the burn position on the reeflux or XM i wanted...
  15. flip_x

    whats a good bed?

    Hey looking for a new bed and looking for some ideas on some.. anyone have a Sealy Posturepedic sedona springs or true form? how do u like it? Anyways thanks for helping me!!
  16. flip_x

    Got some feather duster

    Hey guys i got this rock today with some feather dusters.. there is about 5 of them on here different colors.. what u guys think u would pay for these? so i know i didnt get ripped off =D there are two different white ones.. a bright orange one thats hiding and a blue one.. and i cant see the...
  17. flip_x

    ahh help

    Never had to deal with ick in my sw before.. i see a few dots on my fishes.. ill try to use the garlic trick to help there health up alittle...
  18. flip_x

    agh red slime

    Hey everyone.. i had some red slime that came in about two months ago.. just came out of no where.. prolly because i had a phos.. attack.. anyways it looked like it was going away but got home today and it was all over my one rock any ideas what it could be?? just did a water change sunday...
  19. flip_x

    skimmer making fizz

    hey guys my corallife super skimmer is gay.. all it does is fizz unless there is food in there then once the food is gone it just fizz.. whats wrong with it? thanks Cedric
  20. flip_x

    Sounds like a good idea!

    sand trade?