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  1. fish4ever

    Should fans blow at my lights or suck air out

    Originally Posted by reefkprZ You should have them sucking the air out, blowing inward adds the heat from the fans motor to the canopy, sucking out vents the fans heat as well as drawing cooler air in the other side. also you tend to get dust build up quicker in the path of the air if the fans...
  2. fish4ever

    My trip to Walmart

    I can't stop laughing!!!
  3. fish4ever

    Blue Hippo, sick??? with what???

    A friend of mine had the same problem, or looks to be the same. We treated him in a quarintine tank(so I hope you have one). The black spots under the right lighting and angle actually looked deep red. We treated him for an internal bacterial infection. His fish is still doing great after 5...
  4. fish4ever

    my new tang

    I bought a yellow tang from the lfs cause my wife and I couldn't stand watching it suffer. So I brought it home and put it in my quarintine tank. This fish had HLLE bad(skin was actually indented around the eye, and whole spine was white), the color was faded to pale yellow, stomach was pinched...
  5. fish4ever


    I would suggest feeding every other day or once everyday. Also try and bring your nitrates down from 40 to at least 20-25. HLLE I don't believe can be transferred from one fish to the other. HLLE(Head and Lateral Line Erosion) is usually caused by lack of nutrients for the fish(food-wise) and or...
  6. fish4ever

    Any experience with Red Sea Prizm skimmer?

    I have to say, that I had the same problem a while ago when I cleaned mine. But after about a day or so it went back to where it was running before I messed with it. All I can say is be patient or try messing around with it then adjusting as you go. Good luck!
  7. fish4ever

    red hairy hermit

    Originally Posted by RobN70 Maybe he prefers to sleep in the buff. good one! But seriously, he may be looking for a bigger or different shell. Do you have any empty shells in your tank in case your hermits feel like shopping for a new home?
  8. fish4ever

    Coolest fish in your tank!

    Well, first off, I love all my fish, but my newest addition is my foxface. I have had him for about 3 months now.
  9. fish4ever

    Here's an update on my tank...

    Anybody else want to comment?
  10. fish4ever

    Here's an update on my tank...

    thanks for the reply! Yeah, he has a great personality.
  11. fish4ever

    Here's an update on my tank...

    Sorry for the picture quality...still practicing different techniques.
  12. fish4ever

    my anemone is twisting up on itself

    Originally Posted by sea n life i have never seen that before but i have seen that snail to the right i think its a sundial snail they are bad you should take it out if that what it is i just found 3 in mine they eat zoos Actually..I have those snails as part of my clean up crew, they are the...
  13. fish4ever

    Here's an update on my tank...

    Here is an a new foxface! Sweet fish! A feather duster that came as a hitchiker. My BTA that I have 2 . My Ebli angel peeking out of "his spot".
  14. fish4ever

    Airplane Etiquette- funny email

    Originally Posted by earlybird Not her but the guy next to her who "quickly panicked and ran up and down the isles yelling bomb." NICE!!!
  15. fish4ever

    Airplane Etiquette- funny email

    Originally Posted by socal57che My wife is flying to Arizona today. I'll forward this to her for the flight back. So we can expect to see her in the news then?
  16. fish4ever

    identification please (video)

    Wow, that is wierd! I have no idea. Hopefully someone does.
  17. fish4ever

    one of my fish

    sweet angel!
  18. fish4ever

    Cool Shark Video

    Sweet! My dad had a thrasher shark take a fish off his line when he was bringing it onto the boat.
  19. fish4ever

    Yellow sebae anemone

    You already have a long tentacle anemone...I personally wouldn't put another anemone in there, cause they may battle amongst themselves and we are talking chemical warfare.
  20. fish4ever

    new coolest shark

    All sharks are awesome, but I will have to go with the goblin shark cause of its unique appearance and how rare it is.