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  1. ford81502

    Green stuff

    i have some green stuff growing on my rock about size of a quarter it has bunches of tiny bubbles on it. does anyone have a idea... will try a pic tom..
  2. ford81502

    12 G aquapod

    my watchmen jumped over to back in the last chamber where the pump is does anybody have a idea to get him out he is hanging out under the third chamber Please help with some ideas. after i get him i going to glue a piece of plastic on so he cant do it again..
  3. ford81502

    Fish stuck

    i just bought a yellow watchmen today i put him and jumps over the back btw i have a 12 gallon aquapod so he is back where the pump is and i cant get him out and suggestion i need help thanks
  4. ford81502

    Noob needs a ID Please

    What is this thing have been searching cant find one like it thanks for any help....
  5. ford81502

    Too Much

    My GF bought me some fish for easter day she came home with 2 green chromis i already have a perc clown..... will they be ok together... thanks for the help.....
  6. ford81502

    Do Zoos

    this might be a stupid question but when i feed my fish frozen mysis shrimp if one lands on my zoos they eat it. is this normal??? it looks like they just close up and eat then its gone... thanks for any help..
  7. ford81502


    i added two clowns on friday to my 12g today i come home from work only 1 left????? i took all the rock and filters and pump from the back and still no you think a emarald crad and two hermits would finish the whole body in 6 hours with no trace????? going to test water in 20 mins...
  8. ford81502

    New Fish

    Yeah i just added my first fish they are two clowns only a 14g not many options but there cool. question is do they swim around like morons non stop it seems like the water throws them around. i have the stock pump in my aquapod and a Maxi jet 600 is that to much flow??? thanks for any help...
  9. ford81502

    Need help 2 Identify

    What is this flower like thing in the corner What type of mushroom is this And why is this rock Blue???? this is my first multiple pic post hope it works.. Thanks for the help... What you think about my tank...
  10. ford81502

    Fish Order

    i am ready to start adding fish i need to know do i put the cleaner shrimp in first then clown or clown then shrimp i know its a dumb ???? just trying to do things right.... thanks for the help
  11. ford81502

    Cant get

    i still cant get my mushroom frags to attact to a rock... i think they are to small or something any one have a idea there to small to rubberband. thanks
  12. ford81502

    Any Clue

    hello i just bought a snail that was called a sand sifting moon snail... has anyone heard of it before it has been under the sand turning the sand up...the sand is pretty clean looking now.... does anyone have one or information on one thanks for any help
  13. ford81502

    Got some Corals

    I got some coral frags for my 12 a couple days ago. some zoos shrooms and some xenia.. Do i put the Zoos and the shrooms on top of the sand????? The current pushes them around like crazy...i will take some pics when i find out what to do with these guys.. Thanks for the :help:
  14. ford81502

    New Frags

    i got some Xenia i need to know the best way to get these guys to stick to a rock????? one more ??? is it ok to put Zoos and Mushrooms on the sand??? Any help would be great these are my first frags so i dont wont to lose them...
  15. ford81502

    Whats the best

    What would do the best at cleaning sand. my hermits loaded the sand with poop. i only have a 12 g so i need something small. theres also a lot of debris .. What would be the best any suggestions would be great thanks
  16. ford81502


    Do you think i could have 2 emareld crabs in a 12 gallon????? Plus I have 2 red reef hermits how many more could i add??? Thanks and how big can a emareld get???? i think i jacked up the spelling sorry
  17. ford81502

    How Long

    How long should i run my lights all i have in my tank as of right now Emareld crab and a couple of hermits I have a 12 aquapod with the stock lights. should i run blue 10a to 8p and the white 11a to 7p???? any help would be great...
  18. ford81502


    Yeah my cycle is done its time for the inverts.. Yes everything rose then slowly dropped to Zero... Never been more ready to buy a snail and spend MONEY.... Just wanted to tell everybody :jumping:
  19. ford81502

    My Aquapod

    What do you think about its my first tank and pic taken Ready for inverts next week. any comments
  20. ford81502

    First Tank Pic

    Hello this is my 12 gallon aquapod. any input would be great tips for tank or pic taking. tank is still cycling. Thanks for looking..... Do you see anything good in there....