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  1. aztec reef

    Rbaldino, ufo's & 2012

    rbaldino, i just found a video you should watch. I think its true!! watch it! and let me know your opinions.. Its kind of long but you could fast forward throught out the video and the talking..BUT READ THE MESSAGES!! Get this, Latelly i've seen alot of shows on tv about ufos, Also have you...
  2. aztec reef

    FYI. let the record show..

    your honor let the record show that: I have no afiliation with Saltwaterfish,Sharkboy or any other group or member (i just happend to like this site)... i don't get payed to be here..I have no reason to make stupid stories. its what i know. I ain't trying to get noticed Nor do a need a job..and...
  3. aztec reef

    Question about the movie Platoon..

    Have you seen the War movie PLATOON with Charlie Sheen?(1986) Can someone name the Artist singing in the background in the scene of " The Feel-good cave " the one where Charlie Sheen Smokes with Tom Berenger? I'm trying to figure out the name of the song or Artist...Anyone?
  4. aztec reef

    Too much flow

    what type of powerheads do you have? some powerheads come with attachments ,like an air flow restrictor.
  5. aztec reef

    Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

    how many pints is in a gallon? whats the closest star to earth?
  6. aztec reef

    waste RO water , useless?

    i was wondering if any of you guys had a purpose to use waste water out of RO system. other than for icecubes?