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  1. pirates

    My attempt to breeding clownfish

    Here Is a video of my attempt to make a mated pair
  2. pirates

    New Lighting Ecoxotic Panorama Retro 36

    Well the Video is up here it is All New Moon lights every thing
  3. pirates

    Co2 Scrubber not working help!!!!!

    I got a scrubber because my ph is 7.8 when i ran a hose out the window from my skimmer my ph is 8.8 then when to 8.2 and stayed there now i have my scrubber and it is 7.8 air is coming out of scrubber so i do don't no what is wrong??? My CORALS ARE DYING!!!!!! Thanks
  4. pirates

    Meowzer meet Miss Meowzer

    Here is some pics of my little girls christmas gift
  5. pirates


    Has anyone used this lighting system before and are they good i talked to another company and they said that the lighting system will grow sps and other coral and clams to i am thinking of going to this lighting system there is a lot to mix and match here is some info LED's produce only a...
  6. pirates

    Panorama LED systems are they good or bad ?

    Ok i have been looking into these new leds and just wanting to know if anyone has this lighting and do they like the light or not is it bright like the mh and can you keep sps? just like to know please and can you have clams with this lighting and is there other led systems then the Panorama...
  7. pirates

    Vacation at the Newport Aquarium

    here are some pics from the Newport Aquarium Ky we just got back WoW that was fun the coral reef was all dead but a fun trip there are so much to see here are some pics of Cinncinnati Ohio two hope you all enjoy we did
  8. pirates


    Ok i am just whanting to know about how you go about shipping corals now its some what hot then cool so do you need a heat pack or ice pack and where do you get the fish and coral shipping bags at does wal- art sale them ? or do you just have to get them on the internet i have found the bags in...
  9. pirates

    What is a good Chiller

    what is a good chiller is the drop in or a inline chiller which type is good Thanks
  10. pirates

    what is a good skimmer

    has anyone used a Eshopps In-Sump Protein skimmer and are they good skimmers would like to know please thanks
  11. pirates

    90 Gallon build from the stand up

    here is the start of my 90 gallon stand
  12. pirates

    A video of my reef tank

    well here it is
  13. pirates

    A video of my reef tank

    well here it is
  14. pirates

    Need help Ro

    Ok i just bought a kent marine 60 gph i got it used ok i have tested my home water and the phos. is .25ppm and the ro is .25ppm i am using api test kits i have taken to my lps and he tested it with Hanna Instruments Phosphate kit and it said that my phos. at home is .12 and the ro is .13 so i...
  15. pirates

    fish male or female

    ok i have a q. how can some one tell the diff. for male and female Diamond Watchman Goby and please post pics of each please
  16. pirates

    what bulbs do you like

    please let me know what you like
  17. pirates

    lighting help

    what kind of bulb do you all like and what k i do not like the 10k i like the 20k Hamilton but that is a mogul base and i have a de 250 Watts they do not make it in 20k de just 14k and 10k I am looking at the 14k Hamilton and the 20k sps looking for some thing that will make my corals pop if any...
  18. pirates

    Id Please ??

    this is under my live rock and can not find anything about this thing or pics about this thing please help does any one know what this is
  19. pirates

    ID good or bad snail

    is this a good or bad snail found it stuck on some coral its head is pointed were he come out of and sorry for the bad pic that is the best i could get it is to small it is white and black
  20. pirates

    Will my lighting work for clams

    I have a 55g with 260w pc would a clam live been thinking of geting a 75g with 716w metal halide would that be to much for the 75g thanks