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  1. jthomas0385

    Sick Kole Tang

    My Kole Tang has white spots all over its body. Not tiny white spots, like you would see with ich, but blotchy white spots. I tried to get a picture, but all of my fish are terrified of the camera. Anybody know what it might be? and what I can do about it? Thank you.
  2. jthomas0385

    Somebody help me PLEASE

    Short story: My fish keep dying, water parameters are spot on, even better than good. LFS told me to test for stray voltage. I bought a volt meter, and narrowed it down to my powerheads. Both of my powerheads are about a year old, and they both show movement on my volt meter when plugged in...
  3. jthomas0385

    how to test for stray voltage

    I lost my Foxface a week ago, and than my dwarf angel today. I'm really getting frustrated with losing fish that seem very healthy one minute, and die the next. I tested all of my water parameters, and even went to the LFS for a second round of testing. Everything is fine with my water...
  4. jthomas0385

    Weird clownfish behavior

    My Clownfish have been showing some very strange behavior lately. I have had them for about 2 years and have never see them do this before. Anyway, the bigger of the two (which I think is the female) is hiding is a crevice in my LR all day, and only comes out for feeding time. The other clown is...
  5. jthomas0385

    Did my LFS give me good advice?

    After testing my water, my LFS told me that a possible cause of my algae problem is my lights. They said that my T-5's should have been changed out a couple of months ago. It's been 14 months, and I have never changed my lights out before. Everything tested good, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrates, and...
  6. jthomas0385

    Help picking next fish

    Does anybody have any suggestions for me? I have a 75 gallon tank with a Kole Tang, Dwarf angle, 2 chromies, 2 clowns. I want reef/invert safe, but cannot make up my mind. Thank you for the suggestions.
  7. jthomas0385

    Need PH help!

    Some of my corals looked really bad so I checked my PH and found that it was in the 8.8 range! The only thing I did recently was added a bag of Phosphoban into my canister filter. How do I get it back to normal range??? Thank you
  8. jthomas0385

    Why is my dwarf angle eating my snails?

    I recently bought an Eibli Angelfish, about 2 weeks ago. I bought 20 new snails yesterday for my tank, and the angle fish is eating them. I know that dwarf angel's are not completely reef safe, but I had a coral beauty that didn't bother any inverts. Oddly enough, the angle doesn't touch any of...
  9. jthomas0385

    Why does my sand look like this??

    Is there something I can do to keep my sand from looking like this? I know its some kind of Algae, but it look horrible. My tank is 4 months old, all parameters are good. Thank you.
  10. jthomas0385

    Questions about refugiums

    I would like to set up a simple refugium for my 72 gallon. I have a wet/dry canister filter running on the tank, but was wondering if I could use a small aquarium, or even a plastic bin, to make a refugium. I really don't know anything about doing this, but wanted to know if it was possible to...
  11. jthomas0385

    Bought my final fish. Am I overstocked?

    I bought my final fish for my 75 gallon today. I have a Kole Tang, 2 clowns, 2 chromies, a foxface, and a dwarf angel. I don't plan on adding anymore fish, just some inverts, and corals. Does my stock list sound okay? Thanks for the input.
  12. jthomas0385

    HOB filter and phosphate remover

    I'm thinking about buying a HOB filter, like a penguin bio-wheel, and filling media bags with phosphate remover, and nitrate remover. The only purpose would be to improve water quality, but my question is, would this work okay?
  13. jthomas0385

    New Kole Tang

    I bought a new Kole Tang yesterday. I drip acclimated for 3 hours, put him in the tank. He seems to be extremely shy.. Is it normal for him to be so shy?
  14. jthomas0385

    FOWLR tank, less chance for algae problem?

    Is there a much higher chance of having an algae problem in a reef tank? Thank you.
  15. jthomas0385

    Good Diatom eater

    What can I buy that would be a good diatom eater? My foxface does okay, but I need something else. Any specific kind of snail, or crab? Thank you.
  16. jthomas0385

    Eheim wet/dry filter users..Anyone?

    I was wondering how ofter I should clean this filter. Should I just rinse the media with water? Do I use saltwater or freshwater to rinse the baskets? Thank you!
  17. jthomas0385

    These are diatoms, right?

    I have all of this stuff covering my 6 week old tank. I'm almost positive it's diatoms, but just wanted to be sure. Here are a couple pictures:
  18. jthomas0385

    Help with stock list

    I have made threads like this before but I'm still up in the air so maybe some feedback will help me make up my mind. I have a 72 gallon bow front, as of right now I have 3 chromies, foxface, and 2 percula's. I want to add a flame angel, kole tang, six-line wrasse, some kind of gobie or blennie...
  19. jthomas0385

    Refractometer Recalibration

    How do you recalibrate a refractometer?? How often should this be done?
  20. jthomas0385

    Copperband Butterfly

    The last fish that I add to my tank is going to be a Copperband Butterfly. What are some of the methods people have used to get these fish to eat?? I have about 8 months before I get one, so I'm making preparations now. Thank you.