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  1. melissa1

    hitchhiker id please

    this little fella tagged along with an anemone we bought can any one tell me what it is?? it is a small red thing!! that has like 3 little "sweeper tentacles" that come out of the top of it at night
  2. melissa1

    Mushroom Question

    We have red mushrooms , lavender mushrooms, green hairy, green, and for some reason all are ok cept the red & lavender they are dying off any clues as to why? Param= amonia - 0 nitrate/trite - 0 p.h - 8.3 alk - 11 calcium - 400 salt gravity - .021 phos - 0 lightin 390w pc fluval 404 & CPR...
  3. melissa1

    Finally Got a website for our tank Up!!

    :cheer: Hey guys & gals i finally created a website for our little mini reef check it out:
  4. melissa1


    whats the difference between metal halide lighting & compact lighting, if the wattage is the same?
  5. melissa1

    Black percula acting strange

    i have a black percula and he does something realy weird!! He will go to the sand bed and like rub his face against the sand he also doe it to our brain and some of the muchrooms any idea why he might be doing this??
  6. melissa1

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Ich!!

    i have a serious ich problem going through my tank :help: :help: :help: usually the shrimp take care of it over night but for some reason 3 of my babies have it and it doesn't look like the shrimp are doing anything what do i do?? :help: :help: :help:
  7. melissa1

    check out our pics!!
  8. melissa1

    feather duster question

    one of my feather dusters is comming out of the side of the tube what can i do to "fix" it? Can the tube be cut or should i leave him alone? WHY CANT I POST ANY PICTURES ON HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!
  9. melissa1

    Second opinon please

    OK we just bought the attached coral because it is gorgeous!! However my LFS told us it was a torch coral i have looked at a few posts this morning on torch corals and hey none of the pics posted look like mine?? Please help just a little confused:confused: Also in your expert opinons how long...
  10. melissa1

    New Tank Syndrome??

    We have had our reef or a month or so and have noticed that thereis alike an oilly film on the top of the water. My boyfriend did some research last night and thinks it may be new tank syndrome, has any one heard of this? Whst is the best way to correct it? Also when an anemone dies will it stay...
  11. melissa1

    hermit crabs ate our starfish??

    we had a white sand sifting starfish and our hermit crabs ate him why?:confused:
  12. melissa1


    our tank is a little cloudy, why? how do we rid of it? Could it be caused by our scallop &/or mandarin dragonet?? HELP PLEASE!!
  13. melissa1

    I.D. new anemone please

    we got this anemone today and i am thinking it is a sebae anemone but i want to make sure, help please!!
  14. melissa1

    our corals!!

    Just wanted to show you all our beautifull corals!! Candy Coral
  15. melissa1

    Rose Bulb Anemone Q!!

    I have a rose bulb anemone and i was just wondering how you can tell if an anemone dies?? Also how long does it usually take for a clown fish to take to the anemone? :help:
  16. melissa1

    FEather Duster

    We added a rose bul anemome to our tank and as it was situating itself it moved along the top of ne of my feathers and now the "feather" has dettached itself from the tube. I know that this is something that they do but my question is how long does it take to regrow?? PLEASE HELP I LOVE MY...
  17. melissa1


    we are looking for feedback on our fairly new reef tanks. Currently our tank houses the following: Tom. Clown blue tang blue mand. dragonet/goby 2 damsels mono argentus 6 line wrasse royal gramma yellow watchman goby 35 hermit crabs 3 bumble bee snails 3 margarita snails 3 visible feathers (lots...