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  1. doxboi

    Bar B Q

    Where do you go? Whats your favorite sauce? In Milwaukee I love Famous Daves 1st the SpeedQueen!! Love me some Bar B Q. Love it so much I had to by myself a Smoker to smoke my own meat!!
  2. doxboi

    New Years

    What are your New Year Plans and resolution? Plans go to a Powwow, and resolution: find out how to make more money this year!
  3. doxboi

    Native Americans

    Are their any other American Indians or Native Americans here? (Yes they are the same titles)
  4. doxboi


    Any invites out there?
  5. doxboi

    Texas Fryer

    Hay does anyone know where I can one of these? They are supposedly only available in Texas and Mexico. Her is a description. Texas WOK to be used with the la Fogata Deluxe Fire Pit. Make Texas stir fry, chili, or whip up some bacon and eggs in this Texas WOK that mounts directly into your La...
  6. doxboi


    I have known about this site but I thought I would share it. It is cool!! Find you house.
  7. doxboi

    wisconsin people

    wisconsin people or milwaukee area!!! If you would like to pick this it up it is your for 300 dollars. or give an offer. 2 Orange Sponges Pearl Coral Anemone 4 or 5 ricordeas Mettalic Brain Six Line Wrasse Cleaner Wrasse Yellow Tang Marroon clown Royal gramma 2 sally light foot turbo snails...
  8. doxboi

    Open Metalic brain

    Hay how often do you feed your brain and what do you feed it. I heard meaty but what exactly and how often? My brain is really spread out like a huge blob, during the day when the lights are on, is this good or bad? Also does a pearl coral eat meat, mine does.
  9. doxboi

    55 gallon fish

    What does your 55 have? Royal gramma 2" long maroon clown 2.5 to 3" yellow tang 3 to 4" yellow clown goby .5" or less cleaner wrasse 3" What do consider max for a 55?
  10. doxboi


    quick question, last night my gorgonian (however you spell that) had alot of slimy looking stuff with white dots within the thin clearish slime strands. Any ideas? Spawning?
  11. doxboi


    recommendations on getting rid of aptasia? Also I have found these little things with pink bases, clear tentacles, and white tips in my tank. one more, ever since I have dripping Kalk I have saw this cream color looking stuff attaching my rocks together, good or bad? Any help!!
  12. doxboi

    Milwaukee Area Help

    Anyone in the milwaukee area please help. I am trying to figure out where is the best place to buy Atinic 03's. Can anyone help?
  13. doxboi

    Reef vs. FOWLR

    What woudl you say is easier to care for a Reef or a FOWLR? I owuld assume FOWLR but maybe there is something I do not know. Also Would I have to drip Kalk anymore, would I need my skimmer? Also what is the biggest fish you think I could put in a 55?
  14. doxboi


    You know I have used some different salts and some are just bad. It seems liekt he only time I have had Nitrate problems is when I used one called Crystal something. By far I think Kent is the best. What do you think? side note Hay can all my saltwater family help me win this contest through my...
  15. doxboi

    Help Me Win

    Hay can all my saltwater family help me win this contest through my local newspaper!! here is the link it is the only native american picture on the page. It is like number 15 on page 451-480. Please vote!!!!:help: :joy:
  16. doxboi

    Fuzzy things

    I have a quick question maybe someone could answer. I have found these little white things that look like white fuzzy magets. Or grains of rice with cotton on them. I found some in my filter and protein skimmer. Just yesterday i found one by my hammer. Something else I have found is these...
  17. doxboi


    70lbs of LR Yellow Tang Royal Gramma Yellow Clown Goby Maroon Clown Six Line Wrasse 2 Sally Light Foots Hermits 4 Nas Snail 6 Turbo Hammer Metallic Brain 2 orange sponge bubble anemone 3 ricordea orange and purple Gorgonian Alveopora 30lbs LS I am thinkng of selling all this hopefully to some...
  18. doxboi

    Rate for me

    Pro Clear Aquatics Motorized 75 Gallon Protein Skimmer. Is this a good, affordable skimmer. Should I buy?
  19. doxboi


    I need a skimmer for a 55g tank fast!!
  20. doxboi

    Just Get A new One

    My Skimmer has not been working now for about a week. How long can I go with out it. Or should just by a new one already.