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  1. gilpil

    Cleveland LFS?

    Is there a good LFS within 20 miles of Cleveland, OH, all the ones we have been to are not so great?
  2. gilpil

    Norcal, how are those fish doing?

    Hey I was just wondering how my old fish and inverts were doing? Drop me a line, I hope you are enjoying them!
  3. gilpil

    Norcal, how are those fish doing?

    Hey I was just wondering how my old fish and inverts were doing? Drop me a line, I hope you are enjoying them!
  4. gilpil

    55g all equipment and livestock $85

    I am moving from Klamath Falls, OR to Cleveland in a week and cannot take my aquarium. This is a very low price and I just want it to go to someone who will take care of it. Please read through to the bottom before replying. This is a pick up only, I will not ship. For $85 dollars, this...
  5. gilpil

    Before doing a water change

    I take a powerhead and go over all the live rock, or base rock for that matter, to get all of the excess waste in suspension. This is not harmful to the beneficial bacteria is it? Is there anything wrong with doing this?
  6. gilpil

    55g rusty angel & flameback or bi-color?

    I know 2 pygmy angels is discouraged in a single tank, especially a 55g. Any chance a rusty and a flameback may go together? The rusty was added on Tuesday and the LFS just got a flameback today. thanks.
  7. gilpil

    Will a LMB be alright on Crushed Coral?

    I am thinking of getting a Lawnmower Blenny, but am not sure if he will cut himself up on crushed coral. Does anyone know?
  8. gilpil

    Bicolor blenny & CC?

    Will a bicolor blenny be alright with Crushed Coral? Also, will he be fine on flakes, seaweed, and other herbivore preparations, because I do not have a huge supply of algae? Thanks.
  9. gilpil

    Spiny Oyster?

    Does anyone know anything about these? They are on special in the ivert section on this website, but it does not say anything about lighting needs or what and how to feed. Anyone have any info?
  10. gilpil

    250g stocklist & order

    Ok, This is a stocklist that I hope to get up and running in a 250g aggressive. They are also in the order that I would add them. Longhorned Cowfish Valentini Puffer Emperor Angel (not sure whether Juvenile or adult) Harlequin Tusk Humu Humu Trigger Does this look alright and should I change...
  11. gilpil

    Hey Beth

    By the way, it has been a long time since I have posted. If you look up my previous threads, you will find you have been a tremendous help. Well, my flame Angel is due to be back in the DT in 4 days. Thanks for all your help, and I am sorry I have not replied to any posts. I have been...
  12. gilpil

    CBS vs. Decorator Spidor Crab

    The DSC has been in there for 8 whole hours. So I know he feeds at night, and I have a job where I am always off right when the lights go out. I fed him a piece of scallop, and the CBS went right for it, not knowing there is actually a crab that has already aggressively grabbed for it. Well I...
  13. gilpil

    This may be ironic.

    ok, I have had a grounding probe in my tank for about 3 weeks. Well, about a week and a half ago, I noticed I got a little shock when I stuck my hand in the tank. Well, I have pulled the plug on everything individually, and found out what is giving me the shock. THE GROUNDING PROBE! Does...
  14. gilpil

    In case I see symptoms on fish in DT

    I have a QT undergoing hyposalinity right now that has a flame angel with ick. If some of my fish in my display tank start to show symptoms, do I have to set up another qt? Or can I just take a very long time to acclimate them? Like 12 to 24 hrs?
  15. gilpil

    QT is going into cycle, and Hyposalinity is not there yet!

    Hey Beth, I talking as if your going to respond because you have been awesome. I am in the second day of getting the salinity down to 1.009, but it is still not there yet. Tested the water parameters this morning, and Nitrites were between 0 and .25, and Ammonia was between .25 and .5. Let me...
  16. gilpil

    Water changes in an uncycled QT

    Once I get my fish in QT and get the salinity down to 1.009, how often and how much of a water change am I supposed to do with a 10g QT? I need to do water changes often enough to keep the system from cycling, so I am not sure what is adequate, or what is safe for the fish.
  17. gilpil

    ick on flame angel, ?'s about emergency qt?

    I am setting up a 10g emergency qt tank, which will have a flame angel as well as a green chromis placed in it. It will have 2 powerheads, a sponge filter, heater, and airstone. I will fill it with water from the main tank. From what I understand, I am going to have to vacuum out any waste and...
  18. gilpil

    The smallest king

    ok, I have had a boxer crab or pom pom crab for about a week and a half. Everytime I drop some seafood in the tank, all of the livestock will come grab some until my CC starfish smothers the food for like 6 hours till he has had his fill. Well my brave pompom crab will come right over to the...
  19. gilpil

    Is he flipping me off?

    My CC starfish climbs to the top of the tank and hangs one arm back against the surface of the water. Why does he do this?
  20. gilpil

    Micro-bubbles in aquarium?

    Are there supposed to be micro-bubbles floating in the water? My lfs said that you should see a few, and that it is a good indication that the water is well oxygenated, but then I read a thread about someone trying to get rid of them. So should there be some? Are they bad?