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    Sunlight Supply

    I have a Sunlight 250W double ended fixture. Recently I can not get the bulb to light up. When the light gets turned on it flickers once but never comes on. I checked all connections, changes the buld. Any thoghts on how to fix this? Thanks.
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    Flower - in Brookfield. We also have a house on Crooked Lake. Very close to you. Lost power on that first major storm this summer.
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    I had a generator. But I was away for the first eight hours. I ran it on and off and shared with neighbors because that had nothing. It was the first hours that did me in.
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    I have a 46 gal with a ton of LR. I love yellow watchmans and bicolor blennies. Can I keep in the same tank? I am thinking they will stake out their own space, but is the tank too small. I recently lost all my fish to to a week long power failure, but fortunately I kept my corals. I want to be...
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    250 MH

    I have always used Aqualine 10k 250 W double ended bulbs. I was thinking of going to the 16ks to get a bit more color for my SPSs. Aqualine has a 16k. Any thoghts on the difference between Aqualing 16k and other brands at 14k?
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    porcelain crab

    Thinking of buying a reef pac that has a procelain crab. I dont know much about these. I have a 46 gal reef. Some hard and soft corals and shrimp, brittles, peppermints, sallys, and emeralds. Any concerns with a porcelain in this tank?
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    250W MH Double sided

    I have always bougt the Aqualine AB lights. They are more expensive than the others. Does anyone know if they are better, more reliable, etc. I always buy the 10,000k, not sure if any of the other spectrums are better or is it just personal preference. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    250 W Trouble

    Happy Memorial Day all, I have a problem with my 250W Aqua Medic. About 10 seconds aftyer the light fires up it starts flickering then kicks off. The bulb is only a few weeks old. The light set is about 2-3 years old. Any ideas?
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    Long Time.....

    .....Hey all. I think its been over 6 months since I have been on this forum thanks to heart problems. Things are looking well again and I can start taking care of my tank again. My friend who loves saltwater tanks but his wife won't let him have one has been taking care of mine. All is well...
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    Quick question on clam positioning

    good choice
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    what is the best for looks

    Why do you want to paint the back?
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    No, not football penalties. I have some GSP that are over running some beautiful zoos. How do I stop this. They are both on a large rock that I can not break down. My only thought is a razor knife or something to cut and then peel off the rock. Am I close, any ideas?
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    what kind of light that doesnt need a chiller

    I have a 250W MH hanging from ceiling. Two small fans keep the water just right. Of couse when I switched to mh and fans I was introduced to the world of evaporation.
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    SWF specials

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    I have a 46 gal bow. I have some dead areas that I just cant move water through without blowing sand, etc all over. Since these are magnetic I think I can put them anywhere. Does that seem correct?
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    Has anyone ever tried the Hydor Koralia Water Circulation Pumps. If so, what did you think of them. I have always used maxijets and am considering something new. Thx.
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    Yes I rinse, but not enough. That may be a great thing to add to my schedule. Thanks.
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    Phosphate remover

    For anyone that has used multiple phospate removers or loves a specific brand please let me know what you like best. PhosBan is the only one I have used. I use the PhosBan reactor. Also, does anyone use the reactor for other media? Is so please explain. Thanks.
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    Phosphate remover

    For anyone that has used multiple phospate removers or loves a specific brand please let me know what you like best. Thanks.
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    I have a raised sump. I pump tank water up to point where water enters a tray system. In the trays are filter, then effisubstarte, then carbon. Then the water goes through LR then gravity back to tank. My question is about the drip trays. I was thinking of using carbon filters first as both...