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  1. drew2005

    Reef Octopus XS160 Noise Fix

    If anyone has the nightmare of the splashing noise coming from these skimmers then I did a fix and it cost me $3. They try and sell you a "vent" for $40. No need for that. I simply bought a 1 1/4" 90* street elbow and used the metric to british adapter that came with my skimmer. No hole needed...
  2. drew2005

    Transferring Live Rock Questions

    I will be transferring my live rock from my current tank into my new one. Is there anything i need to do before putting it in the new tank? I have had some algae issues that i believe ive gotten under control. Tank parameters are all good. Should i maybe give it a quick dip in some fresh...
  3. drew2005

    Skimmer during cycle

    I bought cured live rock and it sat in the tank, in water, for a day before i had everything running. I was still filling the tank up. Probably had some die off. Just curious if i should run it or not during the cycle? I tested the tank today and i showed no ammonia but my nitrite was 5.0.
  4. drew2005

    drew2005's 75g Upgrade Begins

    Here are some pics of my new setup. This is a 75g Deep Blue Edge Rimless with Marineland Monterey stand in black. I upgraded the bulkheads from the kit. They seem flimsy and cheap. Here is a list of my equipment that i will be using: Sump: Trigger Systems Ruby 30s Skimmer: Reef Octopus Diablo...
  5. drew2005

    heater size?

    What are your opinions? One 300w or two 150w? 75 gallon tank with about 20 gallon sump. I prefer not to have one heater in my display.
  6. drew2005

    All live sand or aragonite?

    Getting ready to set up my 75 rimless. What do you guys think? Not going to do a dsb. Probably 2-3 inches max. All live or just caribsea or an equivelant?
  7. drew2005

    Good sump for my 75 Gallon?

    Dimensions: 30" long x 14" wide x 15" high Drain/Skimmer Section: 11" x 13.5" Center/Refugium Section: 9.5" x 13.5" Return Pump Section: 6" x 13.5" Total Water Volume: 25.0 gallons Operating Water Volume: 18.1 gallons You think this will be sufficient enough for my 75 gallon? I was set on the...
  8. drew2005

    Monterey Stand Question

    Does anyone know if the monterey stand has a center brace in the front? I cant seem to find a pic anywhere of this stand with its doors open. It will be the 48x18 size for a 75 gallon.
  9. drew2005

    ATI Sunpower or Aquaticlife Fixture?

    Im a lil torn betweeen these 2 fixtures. Now i know ATI is a much better product all around but im a lil disappointed. I can get the sunpower for a pretty good price but why wouldnt ATI build timers in the fixture and include bulbs? The aquaticlife comes with a built in timer and with bulbs. It...
  10. drew2005

    Stand and circulation pump advice

    So i will be setting up a 75 gallon rimless in the near future(upgrading from 46 bow) and i need some help/advice on finding a decent stand that is accessible from the sides/left side. Its going in a right corner. I need to get a 20 gallon sump inside and have easy access to it. I looked at the...
  11. drew2005

    Help! I cant get rid of this brown algae!!

    battling this stuff since the end of august after a big storm knocked out my power for 5 days.At first i thought it was a mini cycle but it obviously isnt cuz im still having issues. Im currently running 300w of metal halide. Been running these for years without any issues other than heat. I...
  12. drew2005

    forum log in problems

    Why cant i log into the forum from my computer but it works from my phone? I have no problems logging in to any other sites. Whats wrong?
  13. drew2005

    Been a loooong time since i posted here. Upgrading my tank finally!!

    Hey everyone. Its been awhile since i posted here. Been very busy with life and what not. So anyway im getting back into this hobby. i currently have a 46 bowfront with a wet/dry running. Looking to upgrade real soon. Have been battling brown algae since august. Just wont go away. Here is my...
  14. drew2005

    4 Sale 75 Gallon Long Island, NY

    75 gallon all glass tank with durso standpipe and bulkheads. Asking $125 for everything.
  15. drew2005

    Nature Photos

    If anyone is interested in photography of nature, a friend of mine started up this website to show some of his work. Here's the site. Enjoy!
  16. drew2005

    Frag Tank Startup Question

    Probably a dumb question and i'm sorry for asking but i'm setting up a 10 gallon frag tank with no sand and i wanna be sure. Do I need to cycle it before placing my frags in it? I plan on buying fully cured LR rubble for my frags to attach to.
  17. drew2005

    Frag Tank Need Help

    I'm starting up a small 10 gallon frag tank. I need more room in the DT, so i have to start fragging. Here's a list of things i'm going to buy for it. Can someone please tell me if this stuff is good enough. I'll be fragging zoas, toadstool, xenia, yellow polyps. I'm probably going with no sand...
  18. drew2005

    Pulsing Xenia

    Anyone in the Long Island area want some xenia? I've got to start fragging this stuff out. It's spreading like weeds.
  19. drew2005

    75g AGA Tank In NY

    All Glass Reef Ready tank for sale. Cannot ship due to size and weight. Selling tank, Durso standpipe and remainder of plumbing supplies. Tank is used. Does not leak. Asking $150. Standpipe is brand new. Never seen water. The standpipe and bulkheads cost me about $55.
  20. drew2005

    Heater Question

    Can someone tell me why a heater set at 80 would come on if the temp in the tank is 84? I'm very confused by this.