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  1. kgrimes

    Tell me to calm down.... we're going to be moving soon so I decided against setting up my 150g system and opted to re-start my 12g nano. I'm about 2 weeks into the cycle with live sand and rock ... SG is 1.024 Ammonia 0.2 Nitrate 25 Temp 76F Lights are on for 9 hours/day I added FritzZyme9 (nitrifying...
  2. kgrimes

    iPhone/iPad App to track water quality testing?

    Anyone use one of these? Which one? I used to keep a log on paper...but...that seems so....20th Century. ;)
  3. kgrimes

    Setting up a New 110g Reef

    Hi All.... Been a member here forever (2004)...lurking since 2008. Had a reef in CA...moved to Iowa in 2008...had to tear it down and sell everything. After snorkeling in Fiji, New Caledonia and Australia in January, I was inspired to take it up again. Finally getting around to building...
  4. kgrimes

    The Salmon Dance

    Hi all....been lurking for years around here...some of you may remember me. :) Anyway, I ran across this video and thought it was sooo funny and I wanted to share it with you: :) see ya
  5. kgrimes

    Starting a new tank...can I rob from my current one?

    Hi All... I'm starting a new tank, and was wondering if it's OK to take some of my DSB from my current one and use it to "seed" the dead sand I was gonna buy. What happens if I dig up a few scoops from my current display? I've heard that there's all kinds of toxic stuff lurking in the depths...
  6. kgrimes

    Hey Bang! How was NorCal?

    How was your trip to Northern Califirnia? Did you make it to Point Lobos or the Monterey Bay Aquarium?
  7. kgrimes

    MODS...Help Please!!!

    OK.... what the heck... I posted a new pic in the photography forum and it got deleted. Mods...please tell me what the problem is. I just don't get it. Another post of mine got deleted the other day, too, that was totally benign. :mad: Please...someone let me know what the deal is...:rolleyes: