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  1. bkall4u

    MY 65GAL w/DIY Fuge PICS!

    Oh yeah, the water jug in the fuge is just to take up volume until i get rock or sand or whatever. and I will run that tube cleaner when I finish it. Thanks!
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    MY 65GAL w/DIY Fuge PICS!

    Well as stated here are the pics of my 65 gal uniquarium with fuge. I ran out of ideas on how to put a fuge to this thing so did it as shown. all in all 30 bucks so far with no lights. Few questions, what lights should I get for it? And what should I keep in it? DSB? Rubble? LR? Mud? and what...
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    OT: Tipping on Carry out Orders.

    but it is stressfull,any time you have to deal directly with mindless,thoughtless, inconsiderate,people,it is stressfull!! Amen As a once four year server and now a Resturant Manager for a 33 Store upscale chain on the west coast I do have a little experience in this subject. Tipping on To-Go...
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    Anyone ever been to the Long Beach Aquarium?

    I live in the OC I've heard it's pretty cool.
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    Caught My Mantis!!!

    Im all excited guys, my mantis made his way to the back of my UniAquarium and I got him!!! he is about an inch long and with no color, don't know if he'll make it but I have no where to put him anyways. It is possible for a mantis about an inch big to take out a False Perc that is about 2...
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    Lost Clownfish?? Help Please

    Just did a small search, I have seen what in my tank two crabs might be hairy crabs... thought on how to get them out? they are on a large peice of live rock that I have Xenia on, it is almost impossible to take that rock out, twezers at night time maybe?!?! I didn't even know that lil crab was...
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    Lost Clownfish?? Help Please

    No fast breathing and I didn't notice any abnormal behavior, I'll have to do a search on Mantis Shrimp to see what they are all about, I doubt it though I haven't seen anything like that since I set up the tank and haven't added any new rock but I'll look into that, thanks for the advice. Any...
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    Lost Clownfish?? Help Please

    okay guys, i need some help here I'm totally dumbfounded... For the last two days I have not seen my clownfish. I checked the floor and all my powerheads and throughly looked through the tank. Is it possible he died and is stuck deep in the rock and if so how do I find him without disturbing...
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    300g is finally in my house

    Ouch I just got slapped into the "need another job for bigger tank" category... Congrads on your new accomplishment! Can't wait to see post cycle pics WooHoo!
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    The village idiot is missing....
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    Little Nemo - Day 11

    I can't wait to see "Little Nemo - Day 94" hehehe
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    Little Nemo - Day 10

    lol one of the best parts of the night!
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    Constructive Critismn on Setup

    Thanks a lot guys, I did forget to mention that I have two other small powerheads in the tank rio400 and I don't know the name of the other one. One is in the middle and one on the far side, then there is the pump in the back that sprays in two directions. It also has bio-balls for added...
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    Constructive Critismn on Setup

    Well everyone I've been reading this fourm for almost a year now listening to everyones advise on all different subjects... The more I read the more I have been wanting a Reef of my Own. Woo-Hoo Peice by Peice I have slowly bought each part and am almost done. The Tank is now almost fully...
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    my new ten gal.

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    Refugium How To?

    yes I can, there's room, how would I transfer water?
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    Refugium How To?

    I have a problem, I have a 65 gallon Uni-Aquarium it's acrylic and has the sump essentially built into the back of the tank. These are pretty common so I'm hopeing someone will know what they are about since I do not have a Digital camera. I have no idea on how I can add a refugium without...
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    Algae good? or bad?

    The majority of it is a brown algae, and I'm assuming that is because I started the cycle with tap water :( shame on me. But there is also some green algae growing on the substrate.