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  1. sting_ray29

    Fluval 404 not working

    After cleaning my fluval 404, it decided to stop working... The motor runs and all, but when I set it up it does not send water through the hoses... Anyone give me a hint???
  2. sting_ray29

    College?, I didn't even see it comming/Please help

    First my tank- 45 ilbs live rock 55 gallons power filter from walmart fluval 404 prizm skimmer 3 powerheads some scarlet hermits some snails 1 flame angelfish 2 clowns 2 damsels (blue devil) 1 domino damsel 1 spotted hawkfishhawkfish Alright- going across the U.S. Fish tank 55 gallons Won't...
  3. sting_ray29

    Please Help Fast Fish Dieing

    I just realised my scooter blenny is REAL skinny and bairly alive.. I have live rock and feed flakes/bloodworms/and brine shrimp... What will he eat, or is it too late, which i would assume??
  4. sting_ray29

    Looking For Sea Fan

    I am looking for a seafan dead or alive for my tank..
  5. sting_ray29

    Sea Fan

    Where can I buy a dead sea fan to put in my tank???
  6. sting_ray29

    2 hawks better than one?

    Can I put a ark eye hawkfish in my 55gallon tank along with my spotted hawkfish?
  7. sting_ray29


    I have a pink-tipped anemone and have (55gallonthank) 2 Reef Sun 50/50 15 watts each 18 inches long- Is this attiquet lighting for an anemone- he is twords the top of the take 5 inches from the surface- Thanks
  8. sting_ray29

    Pink-tip anemone PLEASE HELP

    I got it a couple of days ago- have been feeding it brime shrimp and blodd worms yesturday/ This mourning it had all its tentales like, inside of itself... Then later I watched the tentacles come out and they were "deflated".. Now most of them are inflated and it is reflecting a greenish color...
  9. sting_ray29

    Pink-tip anemone

    I bought a pink-tipped anenome yesturday at the store.. I was not planning on getting an aemone until someone bought one and I overheard what the lady was saying... It does not have any singing cells, so how does it protect itself from predators such as my arrow crab? Also, how many times do i...
  10. sting_ray29

    neo9n goby cleaner

    my new neon goby has estabolished a cleaning gradge, pretty cool... how hearty are they and do they live longer than cleaner wrasses> Also, starting to get coral growing from live rock in tank! Is my tank overloaded>
  11. sting_ray29

    What In The World Please Respond

    I was just looking in my 55 gallon fish only with live rock tank and saw this wierd think that looks like a tiny white shrimp next to my glass in my tank in the sand... it looks like a shrimp-paraite maby.. Good or bad> Not sure... Can someone post some pics of smaller parasites or stuff like...
  12. sting_ray29

    neon goby and hawkfish

    Can I get some info on neon gobys.. Also, I jut baught one and it is real small, an inch at the most... Will it be ok with damsels, flame angelfish and hawkfish> What does he eat... Should I put him in a plastic container inside the tank, I have a hag on one with holes drilled through it...
  13. sting_ray29


    What I have: 45 ilbs of live rock (F.O.) 55 gallon tank 404 fluval canister prizm skimmer 2 clowns 2 damsels 1 spotted hawkfish 1 lawnmowoer blenny 1 arrow crab 2 turbo snails 6 scarlet hermits 1 conch? Making order off this week and plan on... 25 hawaiian zebra hermits 1...
  14. sting_ray29

    All is well....I hope

    Day 3: My new fish are doing ok for now.. My arrow is eating my snails, which I think were mostly Dead on arrival, and 2 scarlet hermits.. I put some shrimp flakes in by him and while he was eating my hawk came out for one of the first times acting like he was looking at some food on the bottom...
  15. sting_ray29

    What do lawnmower Blenny's and spotted hawkfish eat??

    I have flakes that are like shrimp and that good stuff.. Will the blenny eat algea- Hasn't came out much-
  16. sting_ray29

    Blue leg hermits and haiw zebra's

    Do blue hermits and zebras attack much? I hear blue legs are, but what do they kill? See, my arrow crab is killing my snails and scarlet hermits, and I was wondering if they could take on a blue leg or hawai (haiwi's have better Defense I think)?????????????????
  17. sting_ray29

    Arrowa Crab/Yellow Wrasse/Sixline Wrasse/Haiwii zebra hermit crab

    First of all, the arrow crab I got from here is killing all my snails and some hermits. Can it take fish out and can they kill haiwii hermits (they have one big claw that they cover the hole of their shell with so I thought it would not be able to get to them)?? And my other quetion, I was...
  18. sting_ray29

    Arrowa Carb/ Turbo Snails

    Either arrowa crabs are real good at eating snails or I got a whole lot of dead snails in my order.... Are snails supposed to not move for over a day and stink real bad???? Hald of the 20 shells I got are empty and only 4 are on the wall.... Can Arrowa crabs eat snails this easily and does this...
  19. sting_ray29

    got my package

    Just arrived... had some trouble putting them in but are doing good... Some of the hermits and snails are still not miving around but the hawkfish and blenny are looking great!
  20. sting_ray29

    six line and yellow wrasse

    Any info on these would be appreciated..