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  1. floridacatfish

    Echinaster echinophorus - Orange Knobby Starfish

    Update: It's been 8 almost 9 months and the starfish is still doing well!
  2. floridacatfish

    can anyone help with a quick English question?

    I would say neither. The Victorian era ended 1901 and the Romantic era was before then. By the time he was around and thinking ... maybe something like realism? I don't know, I'd keep looking elsewhere than the two you mentioned.
  3. floridacatfish

    Quarantine Tank rental around Austin TX?

    My local lfs has lots of individual QT tanks. They use the tanks for qt'ing their new fish, but sometimes they babysit fish, or let you use one for some time. I don't know how expensive they are.
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    I have a RTBA, it looks great. Nice color, it's grown in size in my tank. My pH 8.2-8.3, sg 1.026, NH3=0, phos=0, trates 20ish. I've had it around 8 months. Today I saw one of the tentacles come off. I see no signs of injury. It looks normal. The mouth is normal, the foot looks normal...
  5. floridacatfish

    Sump too loud

    Do you have difficulty with just the sump noise or the overflow noise? I finally got mine to quiet down by putting in a dorso standpipe, keeping the sump pretty full of water, none of my tubes or pipes touch the sides.
  6. floridacatfish

    A Valentini puffer question

    Mine doesn't touch my corals (I'm mostly a FOWLR with very few hardy corals), but I couldn't imagine him NOT touching a clam. YUMMY!!!
  7. floridacatfish

    extending r/o waste water line questions

    I replaced the short one that came with my unit with 25ft of icemaker tubing. It was the same size tube and only cost a dollar or two. Take a small clipping of it to home depot/lowes/ace hardware and find someone to ask.
  8. floridacatfish

    Waste RO water - What can I use it for?

    I too use my waste water for doing the laundry.
  9. floridacatfish

    Echinaster echinophorus - Orange Knobby Starfish

    Well, I did get the starfish shortly after this last post. I'm happy to say he still looks good and appears to be doing well. I know that the true mark of survival is a year, but I'm still happy that he's hanging out on the glass in plain view.
  10. floridacatfish

    Good deal or not?

    Well, I asked the lfs guy (who also happens to be a friend) what he thought of it. Apparently he's selling his 125g tank for around the same price. He has another tank that is a MONSTER in his living room that he's keeping. Now this is a tank that I've seen up and running, so I would be much...
  11. floridacatfish

    Good deal or not?

    I would definately not pay until merchandise is seen & proves to work. Now I just got to decide if I want to fork over the money for a second tank.
  12. floridacatfish

    Good deal or not?

    Straight off craigslist: [hr] 75 Gallon Oceanic Reef Ready Fish Tank ……. All Top-Quality Equipment! This is your opportunity to obtain a top-quality reef tank for a fraction of the cost compared to setting up a new system. Don’t confuse this with the inexpensive brand X setups at the pet...
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    Oh My Goodnessssssssss

    Oh how adorable!!!!
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    Cool site. It's prolifera. My pipefish LOVES it.
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    Feeding my new clowns

    I don't pay too much attention to exact proportions. It all depends on what my local store has. I use a little freshly made saltwater to help it blend. I do look a bit weird asking for 3 clams, 4 shrimp, 1/4 lb of fish ...
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    It's long and flat. I've looked up pics & it looks like it, but it appears that there are several kinds that are flat.
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    I have grape and prolifera (I think).
  18. floridacatfish

    Feeding my new clowns

    I feed mine (GSM) my homemade food - shrimp, clams, oysters, white fish, cyclopeeze, green algae sheets, & vitamin supplements all blended in a blender. I froze on a sheet, then cut up into small squares. Really easy to make & I know that there's no additives, no "binders". Everyone loves it.
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    What do you mean by looking "funky"?
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    The only thing about the aquapod is that my LFS is running a special on the setup include the tank, sand, and LR. I forgot which light kit that included, but I wasn't planning on putting coral in there anyways except maybe for some mushrooms. Maybe they'll give me a break on the 34g size...