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  1. saltygerman

    SaltyGermans 240 Gal Reef Tank Project

    Well okay here is the first pic of the 240 project that is bringing back to saltwater. I have been asking alot of questions here lately and probably annoying several of you, but I don't want any regrets with this one. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  2. saltygerman

    Plumbing Help

    Hello all. I have stumbled on to a new 240 gal tank. This is my first drilled tank with 4 holes (two in each overflow). I have an inline pump and need help on plumbing. Just wondered if I could get some guidance from you "drilled tank experts". LOL. Thank You in advance.
  3. saltygerman

    Frogfish 911

    Can anyone direct me on the best way to burp a frogfish!
  4. saltygerman

    Frogfish Help

    I had someone net a frogfish and and to move from one tank to another. He now has an air bubble. Can anyone tell me how to help him release that air?
  5. saltygerman


    It got pretty frigid in most of the country last night. It was -12 in Indy. How cold did it get in at your house?
  6. saltygerman


    Does anyone know the correct name of these so I can add it to my Logbook?
  7. saltygerman

    Salty's 75Gal Reef

    Well I've been putting this off since most of your pics are so good and your tanks look so awesome but I figured I would put up pics of mine. Open for any comments.
  8. saltygerman

    Here we go again

    Well I just found a 150 Gal drilled tank for $75. I can't pass that up. So I have no choice but to buy the tank, build a stand, ask yo guys 1000 questions (because I have never had a drilled tank,plumbing etc...). Now I can do everything right. Not by listening to advice from a LFS! I can't wait...
  9. saltygerman

    I Wish Me A Merry XMAS

    Okay I finally went and treated myself to a new RODI unit. No more carrying 5 gal jugs! It's a 50 gpd. It's like watching paint dry tho. Do you guys leave these things run all the time or what?
  10. saltygerman


    Allright folks. I feel like S*#% today because of of my overindulgence in beverages of the adult persuasion last night...I know everyone has there own HANGOVER REMEDY....Lets here what works for you... P.S. this keyboard is really loud today.
  11. saltygerman

    Happy New Year To Everyone

    Happy New Year To All....please Be Careful Out There Tonight!!
  12. saltygerman

    Replacing Bio Balls?

    Alright uys and gals..If I decide to replace Bio balls with cured LR in my wet dry...Will I get an amonia spike due to die offf? I realize that the rock is cured but the rock isn't submerged wouldn't some die off occur???? Or should i just put enough LR in the bottom below the waterline?
  13. saltygerman

    Reef safe Crab????

    I love watching my little blu legs run around. Is there a larger crab that wont destroy my zoo's or shrooms?
  14. saltygerman

    What would u do???

    Ok i've decided since Santa didn't bring me squat for my tank I will have to take matters into my own hands. Here is where I need your input. i can only buy 1 so which do you think is more sensible. Upgrade to a better skimmer?(currently using unit that came with wet dry filter) Or an RO DI unit...
  15. saltygerman

    White spots on glass(Help Cranberry)LOL

    Ok Cranberry sorry I hijacked wasn't my intention. White spots the size of a ball point pen tip or smaller shaped like little c"s and very hard.
  16. saltygerman


    Can Puffers be kept together????
  17. saltygerman

    Puffer 911 !!!!PLEASE!!!!!

    Hi Folks. I need some serious help... I have a porc puffer who got his head stuck (even tho iNtake is covered in fiberglass screen!!!) Unfortunately this all took place yesterday while I was out of town. I had a friend stop by just to feed and make sure all was OK. He called me and said puffers...
  18. saltygerman

    ANY GOOD FS IN Tucson Az????

    Anyone know any good Saltwater stores in Tucson Az...Will be there for work on TUES and have a few Hours to kill??
  19. saltygerman


    I just got a couple of purple mushrooms....My first....Just wondering, How do they spread do they split??? Will they spread to the larger rock the frag rock is placed on or do they just grow in Diameter???? They already look alot bigger in my tank than in LFS...I'm sure it's because of the...
  20. saltygerman

    Frogspawn Question?

    Ok here's one for the experts. How does Frogspawn grow. Does the skeleton or stem portion grow longer? Wider? Or does the top part just get bigger? Will it eventually grow into the rock it's on??