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  1. reeflooker

    Natural Sea Water

    Does anybody use natural sea water for water changes? I once met a marine biologist reefer and he said it is ok as long as you filter it first. He was not specific about what he meant by the word "filter". I assume the he meant UV and and possibly a 20 to 100 micron mechanal filter. Also, I have...
  2. reeflooker

    RO/DI question

    Does the output of an RO/DI increase as the filters age? My unit is about 1 year old, I have not replaced the filters yet, and it is producing water way to fast. Any ideas? Thanks - Reeflooker
  3. reeflooker


    We just discovered that our devils hand leather has long hair like chains(about 18") that it uses to fish out food. This is truly amazing. Has any one else seen this? Reeflooker
  4. reeflooker

    bubble coral

    Ive had a bubble for about 4 months. Its surviving but does not seem happy. Do they like high light or low light? High current or low current? What about feeding. Thanks - Reeflooker
  5. reeflooker

    y2k.3 problem

    Any body else notice the date on the left hand corner next to the logo.
  6. reeflooker

    My first reef pic

    This is my first reef pic. Check it out:
  7. reeflooker

    leather coral

    I bought my first leather yeaterday. I placed it in a hole in the LR. I noticed today that it fell over. Will it right itself and attach to the LR or do I need to reposition it??
  8. reeflooker

    first parameter test - please advise

    I tried my first parameter tests using Sailfert test kit,.......... here we go: ph 8.1 to 8.2 nitrate 0 to .2 ppm nitrite .1 to .25 ppm kh 10.9 dkl alk 3.89 meg/l ca 320...
  9. reeflooker

    id please

    There is a slender, hair-like, white strand extenting from the LR, about 2" long. Are these good or bad for reefs?
  10. reeflooker

    bubble algae

    I have a small piece of bubble algae(bout 1/4") growing on LR. What should I do???
  11. reeflooker

    tar in tank - Please help

    I purchased some Fiji LR and and Nature's Ocean bio sand from a LFS today. After installing, I noticed a black 1" rock protruding from the sand. After removing and testing, I determined that it was tar. WHAT SHOULD I DO..... The LFS says there is no way tar could be in the LR unless someone...
  12. reeflooker

    DIY Muffin fans

    How do you wire muffin fans? I assume most fans are AC. How do they attach to a power cord? If I have two fans, do I need two cords or can one cord service two fans? Any recommendations on where to get 3" fans that are not noisey.. thanks
  13. reeflooker

    Ballast installation

    Where is the best place to install an Ice Cap 660 ballast?? Instructions recommend above the water line. That would mean in the back of the canopy. However, I am conserned about heat. My second choice would be under the stand. This will require extention wires.
  14. reeflooker

    Help...Berlin Turbo

    Should the center tube move freely and blow around, or should it remain upright in a fixed position? What about that goffie turbo pump?? What a piece of crap... If I loose the pump and replace it with a regular pump, do I need to add a venturi valve?
  15. reeflooker

    Lighting starter

    I noticed that Icecap DIY VHOs don't have a starter like NO lighting fixtures. Is the starter included in the end caps?
  16. reeflooker

    Electrical Question???

    I have a regular 120v wall outlet(with two plugs) behind my aquarium. My question is how many watts can I run from these outlets before I have a problem??? If I have a return powerhead, a skimmer powerhead, 440watt lighting balists, four circulating powerheads, a heater, a UV sterilizer...
  17. reeflooker

    lighting question

    Are corallife and uri bulbs (VHO) interchangable or do they need different endcaps?? Which is best??
  18. reeflooker

    glass cover

    I heard that i should not use a glass cover on a reef tank because of gas exchange. Ive also heard that light looses intensity through glass. Are these true???
  19. reeflooker

    Berlin Turbo

    Any thoughts on a Berlin Turbo???? Is it loud??
  20. reeflooker

    Berlin Skimmer????

    I'm considering a Berlin Turbo. I have a 90g all-glass and dont have much room in sump. I thinking external model run on RIO 2500. I plan on keeping corals and inverts. My questions are: 1. how noisey??? 2. does the return have to flow back to sump, or is there enough pressure to return to...