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  1. kdfrosty

    Hitchhiker Crab ID Please

    I caught this guy grabbing and demolishing a newly acclimated (i.e. >4 hours) Flame Angel. Any ideas?
  2. kdfrosty

    VHO Lighting Question

    I have a 50g reef which I use a 400w 10K MH and 55w x 2 Actinic PC to light. My issue is temperature fluctuations. During the day I hit as high as 83/84 degrees, and at night I drop to 77/78. 6 degrees fluctuation. My MH sits 8" off of the waters surface in a canopy, and I use two 120mm fans...
  3. kdfrosty

    Aqua C Remora Setup Question

    About 3 weeks ago I purchased the Aqua C Remora w/ MJ1200 powerhead. Because I was in a hurry to set it up (I was leaving town for a week), I didnt throughly rinse it before install, however I did rinse slightly. It's not really even producing nasty foam. In fact, the SeaClone 100 that I used...
  4. kdfrosty

    Enough Filtration

    Im just looking for other opinions on whether or not I have enough biological filtration or not. Here's my setup: -50g reef w/ 5" DSB and 90lbs LR -A few LPS (caulastrea), but mostly softies (shrooms, zoos, colt, toadstool, GSPs, etc.) -Livestock = Flame Angel, Blue Catalina Goby, 2 x False...
  5. kdfrosty

    1 Yr Old Tour

    Here's a tour of my 50g reef which is coming up on a year old. Let me know what you think.
  6. kdfrosty

    New Goby Addition

    I thought I might share my newest addition. He's a Bluespot Watchman Goby. :jumping: He's replacing my Yellow Watchman which carpet surfed about a month or two ago.
  7. kdfrosty

    FS: Magnum 350 and Stealth Heater

    I have a Magnum 350 Canister filter and a 250w Stealth heater that I'd like to sell. I only used the Magnum 350 for a little over a month, and it has been out of use since April 05. Everything works, and the canister includes a carbon/media container. The impeller and housing are in "like new"...
  8. kdfrosty

    Will it live?

    I received this frag of Palythoa (button polyps) in a frag trade. It was shipped via USPS Priority mail from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque, NM (appx. 250 miles). It arrived 2 days after it was mailed. The frag was still in water, but the water was murky brown, and stunk ALOT. -WILL IT LIVE...
  9. kdfrosty

    WTT for Euphyllia

    I am looking to trade for a member of the Euphyllia family. I'd take almost any version of the popular members....Hammers, frogspawn, torch, etc. What do i have for trade? Caulastrea (teal variety only) Red Monti. Cap frags zooanthids (eagle eye, firecracker, fire and ice, blue) GSPs (bright...
  10. kdfrosty

    Devil's Hand Help

    You guys think that something's wrong with this Devil's Hand Leather? I picked it up from an LFS yesterday, and it has shrunk and expanded, but never let out any polyps. Is something wrong or should I just wait it out? Note: It was this color when I picked it up.
  11. kdfrosty

    Kalk mix in reservoir?

    After recently picking up a calcium and alk test test kit (finally) I've decided it's probably time to start dosing kalk for the benefits of my growing reef... I use an auto top off system that fills directly to my display tank. Would it be a bad idea to mix the kalk with my topoff water, and...
  12. kdfrosty

    JBJ ATO suggestions

    I need help figuring out how to keep snails off my JBJ ATO float sensor. I use the configuration where one sensor is in sump/DT/fuge, and another is in reservoir. I woke up this morning to the unit's alarm going off. I went to look at the tank, and it was full to the brim, but luckily it hadn't...
  13. kdfrosty

    Hypocritical *****

    I buy frozen mysis from ***** a block away from my house. Occassionally I will browse the SW fish. Notice the sign on the corner of this 20g tank.
  14. kdfrosty

    Candy Cane Coral Question

    When I feed my recently acquired Caulastrea the Cleaner Shrimp goes and picks at the closed polyp. I've tried distracting the shrimp with his own food, but he prefers it from the closed polyp. I just don't get it. Any sugggestions?
  15. kdfrosty

    50g, 6 months old

    Here's some quick pics I shot tonight. Will include a full tank pic tomorrow.
  16. kdfrosty

    Frag Swap 9/05

    Ok, a few members have expressed interest in a frag swap in a previous thread. I started a new thread to get this thing off the ground...SOFT CORAL FRAG SWAP 09/05 DEADLINE TO SIGNUP: 9/15 Here's how it works: 1)Only Softies and Zoos will be shipped to keep the cost down. Shipping via...
  17. kdfrosty

    Mh lighting

    I am considering picking up a 400w MH kit from the popular auction site. The description reads: Complete Light Kit Fixture including the Metal Halide BULB, Spider Reflector and Bulb Socket 110-120 Volt (brightness 10000k). Kit is with 400 watt single ended metal halide ballast system and bulb...
  18. kdfrosty

    Bang Guy (Banggai) Question

    I've been thinking about getting a pair of Banggai from when/if they come in. I cant find them or order them from my LFS', so I added them to my wishlist here. Anyways, I have a couple questions: -I want two. Is it a bad idea to order two Banggai from an online store? I'm worried about...
  19. kdfrosty


    While I am slowly winning the battle fighting cyano, I am still trying to determine the exact reason why I have it at all. I have done some thinking and came up with a few possible reasons it may have started: -Around the time cyano started I added an Auto Top Off. I use RO for my top off, but...
  20. kdfrosty

    Trimming Halimeda

    I have Halimeda growing out of almost every hole on one piece of LR. I've let each plant grow about 5 inches or so, and now I am looking to get rid of and/or trim each plant. The problem's that the rock is on the bottom of my reef, with other rocks on top....not easily accessible. I have...