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  1. djxtc21

    lionfish wont eat

    so we got a volitan lionfish about a week ago, it is doing great in the tank but he wont eat, in the store they said he was eating frozen krill - so i picked up the same type they recommended to start him on ghost shrimp and then move onto the I did this now when I feed the krill he...
  2. djxtc21

    Multiple Filters?

    This may be a dumb question but I have been thinking about this for awhile So I have a 55g FOWLR (for now) tank, I have about 60lbs of LR and a sump filter (rated upto 75G) and a skimmer (also rated for upto 75g) I was thinking about adding a canister filter as well to add to the filtering and...
  3. djxtc21


    Live Selling and Trading Rules: May, 2008 [hr] This forum is for hobbyists who want to sell or trade frags or other livestock. No businesses are allowed. No links are permitted. If you have something to sell you will need to post the pictures/descriptions in the thread. In order to post in...
  4. djxtc21

    Cleaner shrimp randomly dies - any ideas?

    So last night my cleaner shrimp and everyone in the tank was doing great I come back from work today and he is curled up and dead in the corner All parms are perfect and all the fish are doing great I have not made any changes to the tank since saturday when I added a hippo tang