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  1. drakken

    Upgraded my tank and new Anthias

    I've been keeping reef tanks for over 3 years and have always wanted Anthias but my tanks were no bigger than 55 gal. I got an Oceanic 105 cheap from a friend so now I have enough room for them. I got the tank, sump, and protein skimmer for $250! He really hooked me up!
  2. drakken

    I have NEVER seen this before!

    OK, I'm subscribed to the hitchhiker thread and have seen many of the typical critters that show up in our tanks. So what is this thing??? It's about the size of a small caterpillar. Only about 1 inch was showing so I have no idea it's actual length. What is it!!!???
  3. drakken

    The Boy Who Cried Mantis - A Reef Fairytale

    Once upon a time in a 55 gallon reef tank... I hear clicking in my tank and thought I had a mantis shrimp. My hermit crabs and snails were disappearing and I tried to catch the mantis to no avail. Needing to replenish my clean up crew I ordered a reef package from SWF and after acclimation...
  4. drakken

    Need help catching mantis shrimp in rock covered with corals

    I've been hearing the clicking sound for many months and have tried to get a look at what is making the sound with no luck. Well I noticed that I don't have too many hermit crabs anymore and I had 30 in the 55 gal tank so I suspect it is a mantis. I tried listening to where the clicking is...
  5. drakken

    Should I add 1 clown or 3?

    I've had a pair of false percs for over a year. The female jumped and died. I want to replace her with a new one but I was thinking about maybe adding 3. Is this OK? The tank is a 55 and lightly stocked with all peaceful fish.
  6. drakken

    Help please! Shroom melting!

    I've had this mushroom since it was the size of a quarter. It has grown to over 10 inches and had been flourshing for a few years. Just a few days ago it wasn't opening and now it is melting. There is a hole in the center and pieces are falling off. The tank is a 55 gal with 130 watt PC...
  7. drakken

    Sub 1 gal Nano (pic)

    I just set up my first nano. It is a Red Sea Aquavase with a power filter and 7 watt PC light. I cut a piece of acrylic to make a tight fitting cover. The sand and rock came from my well established 55 reef. I also used very seasoned filter media from the 55. So far all that is in there is...
  8. drakken

    Hitchhiker ID please

    I found this anemone in my tank. It can move pretty fast. It traveled across the entire tank. Sorry for the bad pic but I took over 20 pics to get this one. It is NOT an aptasia which I'm very familiar with. So what is it?
  9. drakken

    RO and well water - source question

    I just got a Kent Marine 3 stage RO filter. I have a well system that takes the well water and runs it through an iron filter and then a neutalizer. My question is should I use the tap water that has gone through the well system or use the outside hose line that comes directly from the well?
  10. drakken

    Can I keep these corals with this light?

    I have a 130 watt PC fixture with 10K/actinic bulbs on my 55 gal tank.. Is this enough light for zoos, xenia and shooms? What else might work with this light? Thanks!
  11. drakken

    Lost all fish to ICH... How do I start over?

    Well, after 2 years of fairly successful reef keeping an outbreak of ICH killed off my entire tank. :( I have never used a QT and never had any problems until now. No lectures please. I'm posting about not using a QT so others can learn that you can only get lucky so many times with a reef...
  12. drakken

    54 Corner tank with ALL Equipment!! NJ/Philly area

    Selling my bowfront 54 gallon All-Glass Black Seal aqurium with black pine stand. You get: The tank, stand and glass lid Coralife 130 watt low profile PC light Fluval 304 canister filter Prizm protein skimmer 150watt heater Over $800 invested will sell for $300 Email or call...
  13. drakken

    Need to save LMB - can 2 live in a 55 gal tank?

    A person in my office has a 12 gal Eclipse with a damsel and LMB. The tank is in horrible shape with tons of hair algae and an oil slick on top. There is about 1 pound of rock and maybe 2 inches of sand. Anyway, the poor LMB is emaciated. He is active and eats flake but obviously he's...
  14. drakken

    Best place for a hammer??

    I've had a small hammer for about a year. It opens up nicely but hasn't really grown. I had it placed in some rock and now it's place in the sand bed. Where is the best place for it to grow?
  15. drakken

    Who makes the best 55-65 watt PC bulbs

    I need to replace my bulbs in my CSL 4X65 watt fixture. I figure I should get 2 True 03 bulbs and 2 10K. What are the best ones and where to get them cheapest? Thanks!
  16. drakken

    Request for help with ID please...

    I have this "thing" growing under a rock. It looks more rubbery than sponge. It's close to my hammer and I just want to know what it is and if it's harmful or not. Thanks!
  17. drakken

    A little help balancing levels please...

    I've been trying to balance out my 55 gallon tank using B-Ionic after a few big water changes. Here's my levels: SG 1.023 Ca 410 ppm dKH 14.1 Alkalinity 5.03 If I understand this correctly everything is OK except the Alk which is too high. Should I stop using the part 1 of...
  18. drakken

    Suggestions for an easy colorful coral?

    I went to a decent LFS yesterday with the wife to look for a new coral. It seemed that everything they had was "bland" (grays, tan or off white). We already have a colony of green shrooms that are doing great but we would like to add another colorful coral that is easy to keep. I have a 260...
  19. drakken

    A nice Clown story...

    I got my first false perc about a year ago. He was one of my first SW fish. I had him for over 6 months in the tank with some green mushrooms but he never seemed to notice them. One day he started brushing up on the shrooms and now he has made it his home. He has grown nicely and is about...
  20. drakken

    ...and peace reigned across the tank

    I got rid on my Kole tang today. He was bothering everyone and didn't seem to like the size of the 55. He went back to the LFS in exchange for another A. Ocellaris. Now, all the fish are swimming all over the tank and it's a lot more peaceful. The new clown immediately buddied up with the...