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    Buy another tester is the first thing I would do a goodbrand and then you have 2 tests to go by they do go bad I would always have 2 of all of them.
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    small reef safe starfish for a nano???

    Find some one who has alot of mini brittle stars in the tank that would sell you some and put in about 20 25 of them and you would have little bity ones crawling all over the place that would be neat in a nano tank.
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    protien skimmer

    I run seaclones in a saltwater fish store and they do very well after they have ran for a week or 2 some I have never had to adjust It made me have second thought about them cause I had always heard how bad they where to adjust I would take one over a prism anyday anymore but I sure LOVE my big...
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    Lots Of Stuff....Ohio

    Give me a shout I really want it thanksAaron
  5. buhda_72

    Lots Of Stuff....Ohio

    Do you still have the light? email me I am about an hour and 15 from you in lancaster oh thanks Aaron
  6. buhda_72

    tank,skimmer,fuge,MH lighting for sale MI

    I am interested in live rock and 24"light where you located email me at Thanks Aaron
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    Parting out 180 reef Columbus OHIO

    Doyou have anything left I just live down the road Thanks Aaron email me at :happyfish
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    Ordering fish online

    I just bought a bunch of crabs and anemones from here and they where so healthy they are the best I have bought from anywhere :happyfish