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  1. waterbaby76

    Moving aquarium

    Didnt know where to post this, but I will be moving my 55gal, with a few pieces of live rock, some shrimp, crabs and fish. Whats the easiest way to do it? How can I prevent the substrate from stirring around too much? Also, any other tips/tricks/experiences you want to share will be greatly...
  2. waterbaby76

    HOw do you know...

    If you have a good protein skimmer? I have a Back-Pack 2 and it seems to do the trick
  3. waterbaby76


    Im moving soon as was just wondering if anyone has advice about moving a 55gal, with some live rock, 2 fish, no corals yet, some shrimp, crabs, starfish and long spine sea urchin. THanks much! ;)
  4. waterbaby76

    Oh geez--now Im confused

    So with a DSB I was told I need sand sifters, now Im hearing sifters are bad becasue they let too much oxygen in. Whats the deal here? :rolleyes: :confused:
  5. waterbaby76

    Perculas hurt by Urchin?????

    My perculas (2) seem to be getting way too close for my comfort to my long spine urchin. Since I have been accidently poked a few times by his "pokers" Im afraid he'll hurt my clowns...should I worry or can they take care of themselves? :eek:
  6. waterbaby76

    Reef lighting--

    Ok -- now Im REALLY confused. How did people manage to have a reef aquarium b4 VHO lighting became available? :confused: null
  7. waterbaby76


    Ive heard a lot about a Plenum System but dont understand one thing--what do you need to do to clean it? Doesnt "bad stuff" collect on the bottom? :confused: