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  1. makoshrk2

    The Garbage Patch

    This is why humans will turn the earth into a wasteland
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    Giant Killer Worm
  3. makoshrk2

    Clarion Angel

    A certain auction site just sold one for $2000. They also have a gem tang on there for $1500.
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    Anyone have experiance with this product. Looks interesting, easy to install, and, affordable
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    One of Lifes Mysteries Solved!!!

    After many a smoking session listening to this I finally know what the hell he was saying. Enjoy.
  6. makoshrk2

    ORA coral list

    Wasn't there a thread on here of a list of ORA corals and pics. I can't find the link
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    Vodka Dosing???

    What is the benefit of this. I've never heard of this before???
  8. makoshrk2

    Great Barrier Reef Show

    It's on right now EST. Discovery science channel
  9. makoshrk2

    Ati vs. Uvl T5

    What combo would you recommend for an 8 bulb fixture. right now I have 5 420 actinic uvl's and 3 6500k. I don't like the 6500k's.
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    Where To Buy Eggcrate For Frags

    Can you get this at a local lowes/ HD
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    Most $$$$ Jumper

    what's the most expensive fish to ever take the leap out of your tank? Mine was a supermale Lineatus wrasse. ,
  12. makoshrk2

    Copperbanded and Clams ????

    Are these 2 compatible together
  13. makoshrk2

    Lionfish Sting!!!

    Anyone experience a sting from a lionfish. A few years ago I was stung by my 8 inch volitan while doing maintance. Didn't hurt at first, but after about 5 min. it felt like someone was smashing my hand with a hammer, 10 mins. I start sweating and finger starts swelling rapidly. Took some...
  14. makoshrk2

    Missing Fish Arrived

    Alright, My order arrived at about 1pm today. Blackcap basslet was dead along with 3 emerald crabs. Fire shrimp was alive and orange spot lawnmower barely breathing. Acclimated for 3 hrs. Now to wait. Shrimp will live, The lawnmower is breathing very heavy and seems "disoriented". Any ideas. The...
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    Missing Fish Shippment??????

    So I was supposed to get a shipment of fish today, but did not show. Fed ex says there was a mechanical problem, so it will be here tommorrow. That's 2 days. It's awfuly cold here in NY, hope they survive. I got a blackcap basslet, orange spot lawnmower, fire shrimp, and emerald crabs. What are...