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  1. fastlane13

    Did I make a big mistake?

    I just bought a little cowfish at my lfs, about 1 1/2 in and acclimated him to my tank. I have seen him getting close to a few corals, but not really nipping at them and eating these clearlike things that are growing on the rock. It is a 55 gal with a yellow tang, firefish, and purple...
  2. fastlane13

    please need quick answer

    I need to know fast if i can put a 2 in black perc in with a 1 in domino damsel thats in my quarantine to treat the black perc for a fungus disease...also can i treat it with freshwater maracide? PLease i need am answer fast
  3. fastlane13

    Beginning of Reef

    These are my first 5 corals
  4. fastlane13 superstore

    Does anyone know when and where the superstore will open?:confused:
  5. fastlane13

    Need Help Stocking a 55

    hey i got my 55 set up that i got for xmas i currently have 56 pounds of live rock, 1 choco chip star, and 1 panther grouper....the tank is still cycling, and im gonna get rid of the grouper..I know that im gong to get about 20 more punds of live rock and i need help on what i should put in...
  6. fastlane13

    Limit to 500 by 500?

    I have some pictures that i wanna post but i cant seem to do it, can anyone help me?
  7. fastlane13

    Cycle With A grouper

    Hey everybody....I just wanted to let you know that cycling with groupers are the best. Go to your lfs (local fish store) and ask if you can borrow a grouper to cycle.....and if it doesnt die than you can return it...i got that deal and you know that it does take a lot to kill a grouper..either...
  8. fastlane13

    Live Rock In a 55

    hey much live rock should I put in a 55 gallon if i want at least half of the tank as swimming room?
  9. fastlane13

    Lions And Clowns

    Hey everyone.....DO lionfish and clownfish get together? LIke a volitan lionfish and percula clowns or clarkii clowns? Im getting a 55 gallon and i was wondering if a dwarf zebra lion that grows 7 inches and 2 clarkii clowns, a dwarf angel and a kole tang would go well with each other. I also...
  10. fastlane13

    55 reef

    Hey for x-mas im getting a 55 gallon tank set for reef. Is a reef really hard to maintain? And i was wondering what pods were. Also do you think that 2 black percs, 1 coral beauty, kole tang, the black and white cardinal, diamond goby, and a coral beuty angel would fit? Thnkz for the...
  11. fastlane13

    Whut Fish wuld fit

    :happy: Hey I made a list that i wanna know if it wuld fit in a 55 gallon.......Coral beauty angel, royal gramma basslet, two black and whit percs, pearl scale butterfly, firefish, diamond watchman goby, catalina goby, and the perl scale butterfly says no reef but my friend has a reef tank and...
  12. fastlane13

    triggers and clowns

    Do triggers and clowns get together ok? I wanna build a reef tank and its gonna be 65 or 55 gallons. Whut is your recomendation on fish? I know that i want to get two black percula clowns (a pair like together). And i wanna know whut else i can put in that would fit. I like Eels, triggers...
  13. fastlane13

    Whuts a fuge?

    Whuts a fuge..lots of people say they have them whut do you need them for?
  14. fastlane13

    I need help with tank-55 gal

    Hey every one..i know that for christmas im getting a new 55 gal salt fish tank and i need some help. How many fish do you think i can put in there if i build a community tank? What about a tank with a lionfish, grouper, eel, tang, and triigerfish..would it fit? Right now i have a ten gallon...