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  1. bkall4u

    MY 65GAL w/DIY Fuge PICS!

    Well as stated here are the pics of my 65 gal uniquarium with fuge. I ran out of ideas on how to put a fuge to this thing so did it as shown. all in all 30 bucks so far with no lights. Few questions, what lights should I get for it? And what should I keep in it? DSB? Rubble? LR? Mud? and what...
  2. bkall4u

    Caught My Mantis!!!

    Im all excited guys, my mantis made his way to the back of my UniAquarium and I got him!!! he is about an inch long and with no color, don't know if he'll make it but I have no where to put him anyways. It is possible for a mantis about an inch big to take out a False Perc that is about 2...
  3. bkall4u

    Lost Clownfish?? Help Please

    okay guys, i need some help here I'm totally dumbfounded... For the last two days I have not seen my clownfish. I checked the floor and all my powerheads and throughly looked through the tank. Is it possible he died and is stuck deep in the rock and if so how do I find him without disturbing...
  4. bkall4u

    Constructive Critismn on Setup

    Well everyone I've been reading this fourm for almost a year now listening to everyones advise on all different subjects... The more I read the more I have been wanting a Reef of my Own. Woo-Hoo Peice by Peice I have slowly bought each part and am almost done. The Tank is now almost fully...
  5. bkall4u

    Refugium How To?

    I have a problem, I have a 65 gallon Uni-Aquarium it's acrylic and has the sump essentially built into the back of the tank. These are pretty common so I'm hopeing someone will know what they are about since I do not have a Digital camera. I have no idea on how I can add a refugium without...
  6. bkall4u

    Algae good? or bad?

    I am having a slight algae "outbreak" and I was wondering what kind of effect algae has on a tank? Are there certain types that are benefical? Or should I do my best to get rid of all of it?
  7. bkall4u

    My new setup????

    Well Hello everyone, I have been reading all of these posts for four or five weeks now knowing I want to start my new Reef Tank. I have a couple questions.... I have a 60 gallon Uniquarium, I liked the look and how it keeps everything in one area, It's going in my living room so I didn't want...