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  1. tecster81

    What water to fill a 55gal with

    what is the cheapest way to fill your tank with water (without using tap)..? Thanks
  2. tecster81

    Lighting for FOWLR...

    Is there any special lighting i'll need for my 55gal FOWLR tank im starting? If so what kind, and does anyone have any suggestions or reviews on good lighting systems? :help:
  3. tecster81

    Do you need a protein skimmer?

    I have a 55gal tank, a HOT magnum pro system filter, 2 aqua clear 50 powerheads, and it will be FOWLR... Should i get a protein skimmer? If so, any recommendations?
  4. tecster81

    2 questions...

    my first question: I live in Florida, i was wondering if anyone has ever kept their saltwater tank outdoors? Its 55gal and would be inside a screened in pool on the patio. You think anything would be wrong with that? Also my 2nd question: what happens if the power goes out, is their anything...
  5. tecster81

    Must have a sump?

    Do you have to have a sump..? If not what else can you use, a regular filter like the emperor 400? THANKS
  6. tecster81

    HOT magnum bio pro system

    Im thinking about a HOT Magnum Bio Pro System for my 55gal, any comments on it, a good product, bad? THANKS
  7. tecster81

    How Much Would This Cost New...?

    Brand: All-glass Aquariums Size: 29 gallons Filter: Emperor filter systems-280 with owners manual Filter Cartridge size: (E) Heater: Marineland, Visi-Therm Deluxe , 50 watt Oxygen Pump: Flowmaster Includes: Light, Hood, Wood Stand, 29 Gallon Tank, Instant Ocean Salt, Omega One Marine Flakes...
  8. tecster81

    How Much

    Hi, i really want to start a saltwater tank, probably around 30 gal. I was just wondering what everything costs, what about the tank is gonna be expensive., and any suggestions that would help for someone who is new to all this. Any information that can be provided is a great help... thanks :help: