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  1. newbieabc

    Fish Identification?

    Catch and release of course :) Attachment 241063
  2. newbieabc

    The Cutest Baby of 09' Needs Your Help!

    Howdy Folks, The newest member of's message board, my little brother Charlie, is in the running to be named the cutest baby born in December of 2009, and the winner is determined by the amount of votes received. It would be greatly appreciated if some of you could take a...
  3. newbieabc

    Spider Identification

    Just saw this scary guy while getting the mail. Does anyone know what kind of spider this is?
  4. newbieabc

    Band Name Post

    Hello Everyone, I'm forming and Myspace for the band, but its kinda hard to narrow down the few names we've came up with. So who else than the people here at good ole lol Keep in mind, these names arent the best :]
  5. newbieabc

    Stupid Question?

    Hello all, I found some old salt (Reef Crystals), can it go bad? It seems to have smelt weird and the texture was kind of grainy. I may have gotten some water in the bag. Just my imagination? Thank You, Austin
  6. newbieabc

    Regular Rock

    Hello everyone, Does anyone appose putting regular rock that has been taken out of the ground and cleaned into my aquarium? Pictures inclosed: Thank You!
  7. newbieabc

    Green Star Poly question

    Hello all, I just got some gsp! Normally when I get a coral, its open right away, but this gsp is taking a lot longer. Any reason as to why? Are they more sensitve to the water then others? Thanks, Austin
  8. newbieabc

    Clown hosting Goniapora!

    I got this huge beautiful goniapora about a week ago, and now the clowns are hosting it. They lost their anemone about a month ago, so they got into the goniapora as soon as they saw it. I decided to get an anemone to get them to host the anemone. What I did was cut amilk jug in half and put it...
  9. newbieabc

    Ocean Blend Part 1 + 2

    I was givin two Ocean blend Additive, Parts 1(ph, alkalinity) and 2(Calcium). I was told that I should add 15 ml for 50 gallons. I dont see this being correct because it is such a large bottle and so little of it is added to the tank. Is this correct? Thanks, Austin
  10. newbieabc

    Sea Hare?

    Anyone know anything about them? There were three at my lfs and I was curious as to what they eat, reef safe, etc. Pics would be nice too if anyone has any. They looked like they had lots of personality! Thanks, Austin
  11. newbieabc

    Feeding Corals?

    With corals like frogspawn, mushrooms, kenya trees, and xeina, is it necassary to feed phytoplankton? I know they mostly need only the light, but would feeding marinesnow for example stimulate growth at all? Thanks, Austin
  12. newbieabc

    Before and After Pics!

    Thought i'd share some of my tank progress over the last couple of months! Enjoy! Xenia before: Xenia after (side view): Mushrooms before: Mushrooms after:
  13. newbieabc

    Kenya Tree Question?

    Hey Guys, I haven't been on in a while. Well, on to my question... since school has started back up the tank hasent quite been tip-top. Lately the kenya tree forest I have have not been opening up. I have another forest of them towards the bottom of the tank and they are doing great as well as...
  14. newbieabc

    Emeral Crab Question!

    My emeral crab sheded or so I think, and this is what i saw! It has its belly open and appers to be full of eggs. A couple of weeks ago I saw two of them "Doing it", so i assume there eggs. It looks like the fish are enjoying it. So my questions are: - Is that a shed of the crab or the crab...
  15. newbieabc

    Can anyone help me?

    Whats my ph at?
  16. newbieabc

    Xbox 360 disk copying?

    Can someone give me a step-by-step on how to make copies of 360 disks. I tried Imgburn and Copycd. Any help would be appreciated, -Austin
  17. newbieabc


    What are actinics (I belive i spelt that right)? I have a reef tank. Should i have them?
  18. newbieabc

    Lets see if anyone will get this.

    Can big dogs look up?
  19. newbieabc

    Sump purchase?

    Hello everyone, I have a established 56 gallon tank. My question is, what exactly do i need to make or buy a refuge? I was thinking 10 gallon, ... thats all i know about. Like how would you run it throught the tank and such. Maybe someone has a simple diagram? Do you need lighting for the...
  20. newbieabc

    Frag Frogspawn?

    Can you frag frogspawn? If so how? Thanks!