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  1. finland

    Ushio vs. XM

    I was wondering how 250watt 10k, XM bulbs compare to Ushio 10k bulbs. I have Ushio and really like the crisp white color. How does XM compare? Is it similar, bluer, or more yellow.
  2. finland

    F/S Green carpet anemone in WI

    I am looking to sell or trade a green carpet anemone. It is a healthy 16 inches across. It would be a good addition to a species tank. It is hosted by a maroon clown that I would be willing to part with also. I have had it for more then 3 years and it is very healthy, but it is limiting me to...
  3. finland

    Figi ban lifted?

    I just recieved an e-mail/ad from an online vendor stating that the CITIES paper work has gone thru and the ban on figi lr has been lifted. Something along those lines anyway. Can any one else confirm this.
  4. finland

    Finally getting along

    A while ago I bought a hippo tang to replace one that my anemone ate. Well, he was not welcome at all, by my brown tang. In fact the brown tang put some nasty gashes in the side of the smaller hippo. I rearranged the rockwork and corals to try changing territories but that did not work. I ended...
  5. finland

    Tissue separation??

    I have a couple LPS that the tissue is separating from the skeleton. It is on a large bubble coral and a brain coral. The tissue isn't receding, but is actually separating. The brain coral completely separated and is floating around the tank. It is inflated like it is still attached, but the...
  6. finland

    blue vs brown tang

    I used to have a hippo tang and a brown surgeon tang together in my 150. They got along just great Well, my hippo became lunch for my carpet anemone. I have remedied the problem with my killer anemone, so I just purchased another hippo tang. Now my brown tang is picking ruthlessly on the hippo...
  7. finland

    Interesting observation

    At least I thought it was kind of interesting. Earlier this evening I decided to kalk a couple aptasia. One aptasia was huge. I nuked him with a big glob of kalk paste, he did the shrivel up thing. Because he was so big I decided the let the kalk stay on him until morning. Well after lights out...
  8. finland

    VHO vs PC

    There have been a few posts lately that have got me thinking. Right now I have 2 250w 10k ushios and 4 96watt pc(2 actinic and 2 10k's). I am going to add a 400w halide before I take the sps plunge. What I am curious about is which have better light penetration, pc's or VHO, or are they similar...
  9. finland

    Southdown in Wisconsin

    For anyone interested, the Home Depot in Wausau has a couple pallets on Southdown Tropical Playsand. They must have recently got some, because I look for it everytime I go in there, and they never had it before. Here comes my conversion from cc to dsb. Cool!
  10. finland

    Another mysid shrimp ?

    Do mysid shrimp go in cycles? I had a large amount in my refugium, with only caulerpa, one hermit, and snails. Now , in a matter of a few days, they more or less disappeared. They seemed to show up suddenly, and now have disappeared suddenly. No changes in water quality lately.
  11. finland

    Brittlestar baby

    Today I found a baby brittle in my tank. I have had a large brittle in there for over a year, and from what I can tell he is healthy. I only see him after lights out. Did the baby come from the big one, or as a hitchhiker? I haven't added anything in a while. Should I expect more if it did come...
  12. finland

    Something in the water

    About 1-1/2 months or so ago, my RO unit started leaking, so I started using tap water to top off, and disconnected my RO unit. I tested my tap water for ammonia, nititres,ph(7.6), nitrates, phosphates and copper. All tested 0. So I figured it might be OK to use for awhile until I got my new RO...
  13. finland

    Maxxima RO/DI question

    I am going to buy a new RO/DI, and was wondering what the differences were between the MAX Hi-s, and the regular Maxxima RO/DI. Which is better, or are both the same. I am looking at MAX35 Hi-S, but am open to suggestions.
  14. finland

    Purple tipped acropora

    My lfs has an acro advertised as a purple tipped. They have had it for about 2 weeks under VHO, and it is completely brown. It never had any color to it since they have had it. I realize that this is normal with poor lighting. Normally how long does it take before it starts showing color once...
  15. finland

    Recommendations on return pump

    I just moved this post from reefs(no replies), so I thought I would move it here. I need recommendations for a return pump for my 150 gal. reef. I have 2 built in overflows with 1 in. drains and 3/4 in. returns. Don't know what the overflows are rated for. My return pump died tonight, so I need...
  16. finland

    OT, Humidity in the house

    This post is more to vent , then for info. I am sure there has to be people out there that can relate. Since winter began, moisture has been a problem in my house. I am getting condensation on everything cool. Windows, outside door hinges, door handles, etc. Anything that gets cooled off from...
  17. finland

    Need bug ID

    I have noticed some sort of critter in my refugium that I have never seen in my main tank. I don't have a pic but will do my best at describing. It is about an 1/8th in. long translucent, beige in color. It has a body shaped like a baby fish(from what I can tell), and swims in the water column...
  18. finland

    pagoda coral

    I purchased a pagoda coral(turbinaia peltata) today and would like some input as to how hardy these are, feeding, water movement, lighting, etc.. I have researched these, but would like some real life input. You know how it goes, a book says one thing and in reality, you have better luck doing...
  19. finland

    What does high phosphates do?

    I was just wondering, besides causing algae blooms, what damage do high phosphates do. I have only read that it will cause algae blooms, and that indirectly, algae can cause problems in a reef. I want to know if phosphates directly damage or poison corals or inverts and how? I do not have a...
  20. finland

    LTA losing tentacles

    I have had an LTA for about 5 months now and is growing and seems healthy for the most part. It had a run in with a powerhead when I first got it, but recovered just great. The problem that I am having with it is that some of the tentacles seem to break off, or disconnect at the midway point...