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  1. benj420

    My Saltwater Headboard

    Uhhhh, it IS a tank on a stand at the back of my bed. It's not an in-wall. If you click on the link in post #17 you will see construction pictures and it might help for you to see what it is shaped like.
  2. benj420

    My Saltwater Headboard

    Yes, they are indeed red flatworms. I am open to anyone's suggestions on how to control or eliminate them. If I take a piece of coral out of that tank to put somewhere else, Salifert Flatworm Exit seems to work. I use an old 2.5 gallon tank, remove 2.5 gallons from the headboard, add 2.5...
  3. benj420

    My Saltwater Headboard

    Originally Posted by JOE123 YOU.SAID.YOU.HAD.AIPTASIA.PROBLEM.HUH! IF.YOU.DON'T.MIND.IS.THE.BUTTERFLY.WORTH.IT.TO.GET.RID.OF.THE.STUFF.???THIS.STUFF.IS.STARTING.TO..............TAKE.OVER.....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I had two things in the tank that probably worked together to rid it of...
  4. benj420

    My Saltwater Headboard

    I bought it locally and had to pick it up, so no delivery fee.
  5. benj420

    My Saltwater Headboard

    As quoted in your reply: 48" x 96" x .375" Cell Cast Acrylic - $250.00
  6. benj420

    Curing Reef Rock??

    Leave your email address and I will send it to you.
  7. benj420

    will my mushrooms spread?

    You can really cut them at about any size, you just won't be able to cut that many pieces off with it being so small. It's not that you can cut too much off of the original that it won't survive, there just isn't much to cut from. When I propogate mushrooms, I routinely cut the "donor" down to...
  8. benj420

    Curing Reef Rock??

    uhhhh, I can't post the link because it is competition for this site and they will delete the post, but there is a place that you can get it for about $3 per pound, delivered for a 45 pound box. From this site it is about $4 per pound delivered.
  9. benj420


    As many as will fit, really. What really matters is how on top of the maintenance you are going to be and how much light on the tank.
  10. benj420

    Curing Reef Rock??

    Was it in a tank when you bought it, or dry?
  11. benj420

    will my mushrooms spread?

    Some mushrooms multiply faster than others. I have some green "furry" mushrooms that split constantly. I started with 4 or 5, maybe a year ago and now have over 25 and that doesn't count the 10 or so I have given to friends. When they split, they will move a small distance, but not to the...
  12. benj420

    Kant enneyone speel nneymore?

    I don't want to get off on a rant here, but is it just me, or have most people lost the ability to spell and put together sentences? I mean, I misspell words from time to time and have typos, but some of the posts are so bad that you have to read them 4 or 5 times and still can't understand...
  13. benj420

    Annoying Clown

    My GSM used to try and nip at me, but seems to have given up on that and has taken to try and shoo me away with her tail. That started happening right about the time I added a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone and she dove right in. She will still strike the magfloat if it comes to her end of the tank...
  14. benj420

    Take Your Best Full Tank Shot And How Big Is It?

    My headboard, as seen many times before. I could retype all of the specifics, but you can see it here:
  15. benj420

    New To This, A Couple Of ?

    Your water changes are going to be dictated by your water test results. If you have a measurable amount of nitrates, it is time to start water changes. IMO, you should not add anything new for another month as you tank will go through another "mini cycle" from the addition of the Chromis (which...
  16. benj420

    Curing Reef Rock??

    It will happen naturally on its own as the inner and outer surfaces of it grow bacteria and algae that are in the water and on the LR that is in there. 21 pounds is quite heavy for a single piece of rock, so I wonder if it is solid, or sponge-like. Not soft like a sponge, but has many holes...
  17. benj420

    New tank question

    200 pounds of LS is not too much, but you may have paid a lot for it. You could have gone with 180 pounds of dry sand and 20 pounds of LS and ended up at the same result. I agree with ezee's comments about leak checking with freshwater, but IMO would not set the rock on the glass as it will...
  18. benj420

    Lawnmower Blenny at LFS

    Another thing I always do before I buy a fish from an LFS is to ask them to feed it so I can witness it actually feeding. If it doesn't eat, I don't buy it. I also don't go for the "He's probably not hungry because I just fed him" story.
  19. benj420

    expensive lighting

    That depends upon what you think expensive is. You are probably going to be looking at $750 - $1000 for a fully assembled hood with two 175w or 250w Metal Halides and two 48" VHO's. That will allow you to keep any type of coral.
  20. benj420

    new naso wats wrong with him though

    Originally Posted by ViPeR_930 Ummm....huh? Please type in English! hahaha :cheer: