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  1. the fisherman

    Young percs with growth.

    I have had two percs that are about 3/4 inch for three weeks. I noticed about a week ago that one has a "cotton ball" looking growth on one gill. Today I noticed a smaller but similar growth on the back below the tail of the other. The tank has a six line wrasse and lr with mushrooms. Clean...
  2. the fisherman

    ID please little marble eggies.

    On a small piece of LR I had 3 little round shiny blackish brown marbles. They looked out of place. I do not know where they came from I added a couple pieces of LR a couple months ago. I also added some turbo snails, an emerald crab, and some blue leg crabs. It is a 20 gallon hex with two...
  3. the fisherman

    The leathal spots.

    I a Klarki Clown who looks like he is on his way out. He is in a 20 gal reef. My Jawfish disappeared about a month ago. The Klarki(Bert) is breathing rapidly, his fins look faded. Tiny white dot seem to have formed around his head, and eyes look clouded. Since it is a reef I have just...
  4. the fisherman

    Who is that in my tank?

    This mourning at around 7 am I happened to be next to my tank when the lights popped up. I saw a long "octopus" leg retreating into a hole under some liverock. I am assuming that it is a brittle star that I bought back in February when I was a super newbie, only 3 months into salt...
  5. the fisherman

    Adding sand on top of argomite or go with a skimmer.

    I have a 20 gallon hex minireef. At the very bottom is an inch of small gravel (came with the used tank and I was a super newbie), on top of that I put a bag or argomite that has taken up about 4 more inches. The tank is about nine months old. It has a Klarki Clown a Jawfish (the argomite...
  6. the fisherman

    Painting Canopy

    What do I use to paint/treat the underside of a of a wooden canopy I a building. I am shinking of seperating my ballasts with plexiglass, does this make sense?
  7. the fisherman

    Beach rock in the mix.

    Just returned from the Gulf, Captiva Island, and found some really nize shapes of "beach rock" lots of holes and crevices. I have found out I should be careful with it. I have boiled it for 2 hours. What next. Let dry in sun for a couple days??? Thanks!
  8. the fisherman

    Building canopy.

    I am seeking advice on builing a canopy for my 20 hex tank. Is it easy to combine lamps to one power cord? How far should PC's be from water? The outside will be ceramic tiled, what should I use to paint inside. Should there be holes to let air flow? How many and where? Anybody know of any...
  9. the fisherman

    Building a hex canopy.

    I have a 20g tank with 25w florecent hood. I just ordered 13w PC that I wanted to put behind the strip I have. The more I research about it I should make my own canopy. I could fit another one of these pc units in front. The bulbs I have ordered are combo white/blue. If I build canopy can I...
  10. the fisherman

    Light for small 20 gallon hex hood.

    LR I bought yesterday had a small blue mushroom growing. I would like to try and keep it alive. I only have 25w flor in my 20 gallon hex FOWLR tank. Because of the small hood size I think I can fit a small srtip behind the one I have now, but only 12" or 14". I have seen two products...
  11. the fisherman

    Blue Mushroom??!!!

    Bought a couple pounds of lr at lfs today. The piece had a little mushroom about the size of a quater. I told lfs that my tank only had 25w phlorecent bulb for lighting. It is a 20 gallon hex, I was planning for it to be a FOWLR. Tank now has about 15 lbs liverock, penquin 110 filter and a...