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  1. bluering09

    Is this a Lobo?

    I purchased this coral today from my lfs. At first I was under the impression that it was some sort of Acan. However it is making me think whether or not it is a lobo. What do you Think? By the way, picture was taking with Droid Incredible.
  2. bluering09

    My Tank in 7 months

  3. bluering09

    It is turning green

    Ok so I brought a Magnesium test today and I read all the instruction and all that good stuff. I begin the test process and everything was going alright until the last step where it says that the color will change from pink to light blue. Well it is the 110th drop and instead of light blue it...
  4. bluering09

    My First Reef Video

  5. bluering09

    Reef Safe

    So the family and I are spending the weekend on the beach and I'm having so much fun, but I was wondering.........are the these hermit crabs here in Jamaica Beach Galveston reef safe? according to the locals they are called tiger eyes hermit crabs. I want to take a few of them to put on my new...
  6. bluering09

    90g Reef Ready diary

    This is what I brought today I'm getting a 90g Reef Ready and the stands some time todayt, I will post you guys on the entire process. I'm trying to do everything by the book this time, no more short cuts ...............Happy Birthday to me :)
  7. bluering09

    Working on a budget!

    Ok well my birthday is only days away and I was giving $1,000 to spend it as I wish. I really want to get a 90g Reef Setup but the Metal Helides are at the very least $500. So now I'm sitting scratching my head trying to figure out how and where to buy a whole set up for less then $1,000. My...
  8. bluering09

    48' Odyssea Metal Helide Fixture

    Does anyone has it? Is it a smart buy or not if I want to put it on top of a 150g Tank and I want to keep every type of coral in it? Thank you!
  9. bluering09

    Saturday Hunt

    new purchase hope you like
  10. bluering09

    Oohh Laalaaa!

    My name is Charlie and I like big walks at the park, I m current single and I like to chase birds in the afternoon. I m currently unemployed but I eat well. I love Zoas and I m currently spending my life saving on them. What about you?
  11. bluering09

    How fast do these spread?

    First one suppost to be Yellow and pink but camera no good. Blood Red Zoas!
  12. bluering09

    bluerin09's 5 Gallon Eclipse Diary

    Well since I never got to do one for my 24g Aquapod I decided to start one with this 5 gallons Eclipse tank that I have sitting around. I have no idea what I m going to keep there. I already have to many gobies so perhaps something different......any suggestions?
  13. bluering09

    Zoa ID

    Will someone be kinda enough to help me id this polyp in the middle? I say Gum drops but dont know for sure. Thank you for your time
  14. bluering09

    My Pair!

    I m glad to inform you guys that today I purchase a pair of Yasha Gobby and Piston Shrimp. I have had one Yasha Gobie before but never a pair. The shrimp is very small but will do, now the only question is does someone want a free demsel before I disposel of him?
  15. bluering09

    Come on Sing with me!

    Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me..... I cant believe it I m 24yrs old wow I m getting younger and younger every I just discovered a new past time last month called "drinkingbeer" and I think I m going to put my skills to the test today!
  16. bluering09

    Building my own lighting fixtures!

    Ok after alot of thinking I decided that I want to build my own light fixture. what I want to do is build a canopy that stands on top of my 150g tank. Thats easy saidd than done because I dont know where to start. Here is a drawning that I made please I need as much help as possible, all the...
  17. bluering09

    Frag Pack for sell

    Ok I m sure some of you seem this..... The fallowing zoas are for sell. This frag pack is $100 + shipping or you can purchase frags individually. USPS Priority 2-3 days will be $15 and Overnight delivery will be $30-6 depending on your location. There is NO GUARANTEE ON PRIORITY DELIVERY(2-3...
  18. bluering09

    Should I throw these away? :)
  19. bluering09

    System Crash!

    I woke up this morning and as I was going downstairs I kept hearing a loud noise. I followed and it led me straight to my fish room. As I got there I notice there was something wrong with my Filters so I turned everything out. well I guess whatever it was blew my fuse box too. So now my 150g fw...