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    FOWLR tank

    I wanted to do a FOWLR tank with my 75 and i was wondering how exactly i would go about doing that. my stock list would probably be Violatin Lion SFE LN Hawk dont no of anything else... and would i want crushed coral or fake sand or real sand? ofcourse live rock. no special lighting is required...
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    Help with tank.

    First, how many watts to a gallon for reef tanks, coral and stuff etc etc and second, does anyone know how i could go about setting up a sump?
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    Advice on a 16 g BF

    I need some advice as i want to start a 16 gallon bow front tank. Can i get some pic's of systems and such, and equipment ill need. im pretty rusty at this stuff... :help: hmm also it may be 10 gallons bigger not entirly sure.
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    Snowflake reef safe?

    Can the snowflake succesfully live in a reef with fish smaller then it and the cleaning crew which will have shrimp.....
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    Sump and Compatabilitys

    I need to no how to get a sump on a glass aquarium.... and if any of these fish will bother eachother in a 75 gallon..... L-N Hawkfish SFE Clown Fish pair /w anemone Yellow Watchmen Goby Tiger Pistol Shrimp Yellow Tang Arrow Crab Some sort of a firefish Cleaning Crew
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    I want to know if this is to much for my future tank.

    I wanna no if any of this is uncapable and will all be happy in my 75 gal tank. SFE LN Hawkfish Clowfish pair Yellow Watchmen Gobie Tiger Pistol Shrimp Large Cleaning Crew
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    Longnose Hawkfish capabilities?

    i want a longnose hawkfish because they are cool but i also want a pistol shrimp goby pair and of course the cleaning crew so i was wondering if anyone here had expirences with this or just knew about it thanks.
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    I am buying a tank 6ft long preferbly 180

    i am looking for a 6 ft long aquarium preferably 180 gallons
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    Who remembers these old guys

    well i was wondering why did they cancel all thes great shows!
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    I think i found a way to cycle with damsels!

    ok if this doesnt work dont get all p/o at me but if u have out of tank filter system(sump i think its called) just put ur annoying damsels in there and water should go back up into the tank with all the stuff that cycles ur tank my 2 cents :yes:
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    Good setup???

    ok here is my setup 180 gallon tank LS and LR Magnum 350 (canister i think) filter cant find a heater big enough recomondations anyone? three 70 gallon powerheads Random skimmer and about filling it do i add R/O water and then salt it....or do i fill with tap water and then cure then add salt...
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    enemy of the mantis shrimp!

    wat is the natural predator of a mantis shrimp cause they :mad: me off!
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    Cleaning crew

    I am not postive wat cleaning crew i could get with this tank setup 180 gallon: Stingray Various fish 75 gallon: Snowflake moray eel Lionfish(violitain) tell me specifically wat cleaing crew for wat tank thanks!!!!:help: :help:
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    buying 35 pounds of LS

    if u live in florida(in the part thats big not the thin part) then i would like to buy 35 pounds of LS from u i dont think it would be that much so that it
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    stingray question

    ok i couldnt get any replies on other forums can i keep a yellow stingray in a 75 gallon???? also can i keep a snowflake or a lion with it? and and and.... can i have it in a reef set up? post ur stingray pics cya in 12 hours:D :happy:
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    slight change in plans

    i have decided to go with jacknjill's idea and go with a name brand tank instead of a crappy 55 walmart tank i think that i am getting 75 gallon tank with stand and hood/canopy and some live sand otherwise letting it sit like that for 4 weeks will that be a problem??? also to add onto that i...
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    Rock stacking time :)

    ok im finally getting live rock to put in my sand bed tank(lol) and i was wondering is there a specific way to set it up for no cave in's cause im a new reefer(u no that)and i wont be posting very much anymore unless its for tips or showing off my infeirior tank hoping for applause!!!! :hilarious
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    Fish doing wat they do best pics

    examples:clowns in anemones, cleaners cleaning fishs parasites of em ya know start postin IF U HAVE ANY NUDIBRANCH PICS(cept lettauce) THEN POST HERE
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    How do i do this.....? and wat works here?

    ok wat should i do for my tank im thinkin bout gettin a 55 gallon set from walmart and getting it running with live sand only and build onto that with live rock but should i do that and i really like snowflake morays but can one fit into my list of fish? common clown(percula) royal gramma yellow...