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  1. jimi


    Your topic was moved to the disease forum. :)
  2. jimi

    Terry B any pics?

    Hi Terry I was wondering if you have any pics of your set-up/s. I posted this here because I dont know how often you visit the other forums.
  3. jimi

    Some pics for ya!

    You should be able to see them at
  4. jimi

    Posting pics?

    I finally bought a digital camera. So now I can post some pics of my tank. I just dont know how. Anyone have any info?
  5. jimi

    Trey or Terry B

    Well unfortunately I lost my flame yesterday before I could begin treatment. I waited too long from when I first noticed the swelling to the time I was sure it was bloat. I was hoping he was just constipated like I had seen my purple tang and emperor become in the past, then they would release a...
  6. jimi


    Trey have you had any luck treating bloat? My flame seems to have it but I never had to treat it before and have read it is hard to treat.
  7. jimi


    Do you use a calcium reactor? If so what kind or diy?
  8. jimi


    Jimmy whats your email address?
  9. jimi

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone got what they wanted!
  10. jimi

    Ozone and Ick

    I just wanted to share my (knock on wood) use of ozone in treating ick. I have not treated my present tank in over a year and two months for ick with any type of medication or chemical. I have used my ozone unit in that time to treat small outbreaks last Nov. and Dec. I have not lost a fish to...
  11. jimi


    In reguard to the anti red you used. What is in your tank? Is it reef safe?
  12. jimi


    I just got my monthly issue of FAMA magazine in the mail yesterday and saw a new Kent product called ZOECON. Must be their answer to Selcon. They claim it to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids like Selcon also claims to reverse hlle like selcon.
  13. jimi


    For those of you interested is back on. For those of you who have never been there , check it out it has bb just like this only I think its been around longer but had tech. problems the last two months. Anyway its a great place to meet even more people and get info about...
  14. jimi

    Aquaria Central?

    Does anyone know what happened to