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  1. benj420

    Kant enneyone speel nneymore?

    I don't want to get off on a rant here, but is it just me, or have most people lost the ability to spell and put together sentences? I mean, I misspell words from time to time and have typos, but some of the posts are so bad that you have to read them 4 or 5 times and still can't understand...
  2. benj420

    Send Email to other users?

    I don't know what the proper forum is for this question, so I will ask it here. Is the "send an email to other user" function disabled ? I have "Allow email from other users" checked in my profile, but it still is not allowed when you attempt it. Any ideas? It would be really nice to be able...
  3. benj420

    My Saltwater Headboard

    The custom headboard tank I made for my bed about 3 years ago. The picture was taken last month. It is about 60 gallons, total system volume (40 display + 20 sump). There are a few things that I would do differently, but 99% of it came out according to plan. Not bad for my first attempt at...
  4. benj420

    Starfish ID?

    This was a rider on some live rock I recently purchased through mail-order. Does anyone have any idea exactly what it is? It looks like the small, tan colored starfish that I have seen before that usually only get 1/4" or so, but I have not seen the surrounding part before. The entire...
  5. benj420

    Float Valve for RO

    I want to add an automatic topoff system to my large aquarium. Kent Marine sells a float valve for RO systems, but they say it is not intended for level control in aquariums. Why shouldn't you use them? What do you use for a float valve? Using a freshwater reservoir and then pumping from...
  6. benj420

    Calcium Reactor Flow Rates?

    I am building a DIY calcium carbonate reactor for my 180 gallon (~225 gallon total system volume) SPS tank and need some advice on how to determine a good starting point for flow rates of the circulation pump, co2 bubbles, and flow (or drip) rate of the effluent. I haven't made anything yet, so...
  7. benj420

    Source for Berghia verrucicornis (Aeolid Nudibranch )??

    Does anyone know of a source in the US of Berghia verrucicornis (Aeolid Nudibranch)?
  8. benj420

    Prop Tank Lighting Question

    I want to start a zoanthid growout tank using a Rubbermaid 50 Gallon Stock Tank. It is 2 feet wide and 4 feet long. I plan on the pieces sitting about 4 inches below the water surface. Does anyone have any recommendations for good lighting coverage over this sized tank? I want the corals to...
  9. benj420

    Niger Trigger

    I have a 75 gallon with a picasso trigger, panther grouper, and a yellow bellied blue damsel. The trigger and grouper are about 2 inches and the damsel a little over an inch. Everyone gets along fine now. I would like to a Niger Trigger to the tank that is about 2 inches as well. Will any of...
  10. benj420

    Anemone ID?

    Anyone know what this is? It came on a piece of LR as a hitchhiker. It looks to be a small anemone, but I'm not sure. It's burgandy, about the size of a raspberry, and retracts somewhat when messing with the tank. I got this particular piece of LR last Saturday and didn't notice the little...
  11. benj420

    New Polyp Pictures

    New Polyp Pictures + PhotoShop + Vacation =
  12. benj420

    Saturday Night Nano Pics

    Here are some pics of my 5.5 gallon nano. Today I added 2 mushrooms, a few orange colony polyps, and a small frag of green star polyps. Not much, but a start
  13. benj420

    White Serpent or Brittle Star?

    Is there such thing as a white serpent or brittle star? I bought some LR today and found a dime sized one climbing around. Only saw it for a few seconds.
  14. benj420

    Building Calcium and Alkalinity

    I would like to begin keeping some soft corals, but have never added any supplements for building and maintaining Calcium and Alkalinity and ????. There are so many products and brands that it is very confusing. What do you use? Can you give me some examples like this: Day One: Product 1 Day...
  15. benj420

    Hardware store Silicone or Aquarium Sealant?

    Is it safe to use hardware store silicone in an aquarium? I know that "aquarium sealant" is 100% silicone, but am not sure about the hardware store stuff. Same thing?
  16. benj420

    How much filtration does LR and LS really provide?

    Does anyone know how much LR and LS really contribute to overall filtration? My question really comes from setting up a QT tank, and wondering how good just a HOB filter will be. Since I don't have LR or LS in the tank, will I have to do frequent water chages, or do the LR and LS really only...
  17. benj420

    How do you net (or not net) your fish?

    I just posted a question to the Fish section about how to transfer a lionfish from one tank to another and got several responses. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but i haven't seen it . How do you get your fish or inverts from one tank to another? Do you use a net? A scoop? A...
  18. benj420

    Feed Emerald Crab?

    Do I need to feed my Emerald Crab? It seems to be getting more and more daring about grabbing flake food out of the water and will take a swipe or two at the damsel if it gets too close. I've only had him three weeks, so it could be that he is just getting more used to the feeding patterns and...
  19. benj420

    Lionfish Handling

    I'm considering getting a Dwarf Fuzzy Lionfish but don't know how to handle a fish like this. I guess a standard net wouldn't do it, so how do you transfer it into your QT without a net?
  20. benj420

    LR in a QT?

    Is it Ok to put LR in my QT tank for new arrivals, or should I just stick with PVC? A better question might be does LR carry fish diseases? If I QT new arrivals and then find that they need treatment, but take the LR out first, will the LR carry the disease (any disease) with it? Leaving the LR...