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  1. mr.clownfish

    150 watt MH too much for 12gal?

    hey guys, im going to go pick up my new 150 watt MH clip on light from my LFS today, and i didnt research before i bought it... is 150watts too much for my 12 gal nano? i want to start growing SPS corals... i finally decided to go top less with my nano cube and thought i should go with MHs. the...
  2. mr.clownfish

    just discovered my sand is infested with tiny almost microscopic copepods like creatures.

    so for the first time i went up super close and looked at the sand and found hundreds of weird light black and cream color striped copepod like creatures running around fairly fast. they are extremely tiny to take a picture of. im not sure if they are copepods and i would really like to know...
  3. mr.clownfish

    xenia is taking over!!!

    hey guys, i havent been on for a while! I have a problem and dont know what to do! i started out with two TINY TINY TINY pieces of xenia that hitch hiked on a small piece of LR, and now they have taken over my tank! the two frags where so unhealthy i thought they wouldn't make it. the xenia has...
  4. mr.clownfish

    can someone ID my mushroom pleaseee

    ive had this for a while now and have always wondered what it is.
  5. mr.clownfish


    i dont understand why my anemones grow like an inch in diameter every week. and they never split!!
  6. mr.clownfish

    the weirdest thing just happened...

    i defrosted some mysis shrimp and a small, maybe half inch, goby defrosted from inside the cube... looked like some kinda clown goby. it looked really freaky. it was all Grey and ugly. i fed it to my blood shrimp
  7. mr.clownfish

    this may sound kinda stupid, but just making sure!

    when you dip corals, like iodine dips, and luglos dips, and other coral disinfectant dips, do you use saltwater from your tank, clean salt water, or fresh water? just making sure, cause i couldnt find it anywhere on line...
  8. mr.clownfish

    HELP! leather coral has a weird hole... (pics)

    yesterday my amazing center piece devils hand coral wasnt looking so hot, and today it hasn't opened like it usually does. today i found this weird perfectly round hole in the center... what could it be from? this one of my FAVORITE coral of all time, so please help me out! thank you
  9. mr.clownfish

    coral ID

    i got this zoanithid as a hitch hiker and was just wondering what it is.
  10. mr.clownfish

    green bubble tip anemone help

    i got a green bubble tip anemone yesterday and in the morning i woke up and found that it moved behind the rocks where there is no light. will it come out on its own? i tried feeding it yesterday but its tentacles arent sticky, it didnt take the silver side. its base is a nice tan color, but its...
  11. mr.clownfish

    brown rose anemone

    i saw a brown rose anemone at a FS a while ago and i was wondering if i got it, would it turn red again? the FS had some workers that didnt really know what species of anemone it was and said it was going for 30 bucks. it was under really low lighting, it was a brown bubble anemone with very...
  12. mr.clownfish

    lights for birdsnest and monti

    i just got a new green w/ purple polyps birdsnest coral and a really nice green monti and i was wondering if my T-5 lighting was enough to keep them alive and healthy. i have 156 watts of HO T-5 lighting over a 40 gal. so its like 4 watts per gallon. 3 actnics; 2 blues and 1 purple. and one day...
  13. mr.clownfish

    got a cleaner wrasse.

    so i herd these little cleaner wrasses clean parasites off of other fish, ive had mine for a week now and its not really doing anything, just swimming from one end of the tank to the other. i stuck my hand in the tank the other day to clean some algae, it started to clean my hand. it was the...
  14. mr.clownfish

    just got a new cleaner wrasse

    i read online that they clean parasites off of fish. a couple of my fish would go to it and turn to there sides as if they are saying "clean me", but its not doing its job... will it ever start?
  15. mr.clownfish

    new torch coral =D

    just bought a rare purple, orange, and green torch coral, 3 heads for 60 bucks. ill post a pic as soon as it opens up completely. i just hope my minor phosphate problem dosent kill it. its at 0.5 it will be OK right?
  16. mr.clownfish

    ID rare zoanthid

    i bought this frag from my LFS for 25 bucks today, they said it was rare. does anyone know what it is or if its really rare? the center is bright yellow (camera sux)
  17. mr.clownfish

    phosphate and SPS coral...

    i recently bought a small green monti frag and i totally forgot i had some phosphate. i checked it today, its at 0.5. when i got the frag it was really bright green now its kinda brownish green and it looks like its bleaching. im working on getting rid of the phosphate, when it goes away will...
  18. mr.clownfish

    IMO, something i find very annoying...

    the MOST annoying thing about this hobby, besides parasites and illnesses, is live rock... i CANT get it too look nice! i take the rocks out, then place them back in. out, then in. out, then in. its SOOOOOOOO annoying! i cant get it too look the way i want! AHHHHHHH
  19. mr.clownfish

    Carpet anemone acting weird...

    hi, i finally placed my carpet anemone into my 40gal from my 12gal after 6 months. i had a lot of trouble removing it from the 12gal, it attached its self to the bottom glass of the tank under the sand. so i really annoyed it when it was ripping it from its foot. after placing it into my 40gal...
  20. mr.clownfish

    copper question.

    i set up a little QT tank and added some copper to it. my clowns fish had ick, how long will the copper treatment take for the ick to go away? they have been in there for 3 days now.