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  1. pacopetty

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    ok yw
  2. pacopetty

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    no nextel but drkdweller has some awesome stuff so I'll let you know before I come down again and we'll work something out with him
  3. pacopetty

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    I had a bad motorcycle wreck and have been out of commission for several months. I saw the note about the meeting and will try to make it. Do you still want the spaghetti algae? I have enough for you and Jeremy.
  4. pacopetty

    trades Charlotte, nc. or close

    If you want something from drkdweller let me know, I come down to concord a lot
  5. pacopetty

    Blue Shrooms in Roanoke Va

    Hey man I've got a big bag of spaghetti algae for you
  6. pacopetty

    I got a tempting offer, what do you think it worth??

    The rock should be fine as long as its been in salt water its good. I'd start out offering him $100 and see what happens.
  7. pacopetty

    wal-mart water users

    get the distilled water not the drinking water
  8. pacopetty

    what is this?

    my guess would be some sort of sponge or maybe even orange coralline
  9. pacopetty

    Is coraline algae enough?

    Feeding once a day is still too much. I only feed mine every 2 or 3 days and very little when I do feed them.
  10. pacopetty

    Fiji Live Rock

    Not if you cure it.
  11. pacopetty

    Yellow Watchman Goby

    I agree with Daniel
  12. pacopetty


    They get huge and are very messy eaters.
  13. pacopetty

    Two new additions

  14. pacopetty

    the fish I want.....

    Excellent job Waterfaller! Faraday, welcome to the boards! :jumping:
  15. pacopetty

    100 gallon

    be more specific about the set up you are refverring to.
  16. pacopetty


    I have had mine about 3 months and still have bubbles What is the accessory part you guys are referring to?
  17. pacopetty

    Clown or Anemone?

    Wait till your experienced and your tank is mature but even then there is no guarantee they will host
  18. pacopetty

    New/Old Tank

    Your LFS should take the tang
  19. pacopetty

    Live Rrock

    Not after you cure it
  20. pacopetty

    need to rid tank of glass anenomes

    Lemon juice and a syringe worked for me.