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    Folks, please do not quote troll posts.. it makes more work for us to edit them. Simply ignore. We are working to resolve the silliness tonight. As soon as the owners of SWF take a break from, you know, running a business and providing the sweet websitewe all enjoy, they will do something more...
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    "Redistribution of Wealth"

    I rarely, rarely ever start a thread, but this caught my attention. Senator Obama, speaking about redistribution of wealth. Transcript here: In part he says "But the Supreme Court never ventured into the...
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    Forum rules reminder (and deleted threads)

    Please be sure to follow the rules to this particular section everyone. Thanks. 1Journeyman
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    Russia invades Georgia

    Georgia, an applicant to NATO, and an ally with the USA with troops currently serving alongside our troops here in Iraq, was invaded today by Soviet tanks. How should the USA respond?
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    Hello from Baghdad

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes. I arrived in the Green Zone yesterday without any issues.
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    Locked Threads

    Folks, this is the "Aquarium", not the Sewer. The insults, snide comments, sexual inuendos, and general nastiness must end. As Mods we've asked Admin to purge the Aquarium before of posters who lived in the Aquarium just to stir up detritus. I'd hate to see that occur again. If you cannot post...
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    The new multi-quote feature

    Ok, we need some help from you all. Part of the upgrade to the forums introduced a "mulit-quote" feature. I need one fo you all to check and see fi it is working. We Mods can use it, but I'm not sure if it works for members. step 1- on this post you will see at the bottom of it a box for...
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    Posters, Please Read Rules Thread

    Please, please, please read the rules.... No businesses are allowed here. We know we have many members that own their own swf businesses or work at local stores. That's great; often times you all are great contributors and we welcome you. You are, not, however, welcome in this particular section...
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    In memory of Tobin (aka Seasalt)

    Many members have expressed an interest in posting their farewells to our friend Tobin. Please feel free to do so here.We'll leave it up for a while to give everyone a chance to post. I'll start: You'll always be missed Tobin. Your strength, humility, love for Jenny. and will to get the most out...
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    I need a computer expert

    Ok.. yesterday my desktop blew a power supply. So I replaced it. The computer is about 3 years old so I figured time to replace power supply. The new one blew in about 20 minutes. So, I actually investigate and see that my cpu fan has locked up, overheating and causing the power supply to pop...
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    Herp fans I need an ID

    Ok, so cleaning out the pool skimmers a few minutes ago and came across a 4+ foot snake in my flower bed. It's not one of our venomous varieties so I didn't kill it. Still, it got away from me (wrangling snakes ala Steve Irwin style not my hidden ability apparently) and went into deep shrubs...
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    Aquarium Topics

    Due to the influx of necessary moderating in this forum, I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone. As Mods we do generally allow discussions to address difficult topics, but as a community please remember we're here to discuss SWF. The aquarium is supposed to be a forum for oveflow...
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    Expanded User Profile info

    SWF has recently added more options to the "user CP". Please take a moment to check out the expanded Profile info. The more accurately you fill this out, the more people will be able to get a feel for your tank. Thank ya.
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    Most users ever online was today

    Just like to say "Welcome" to all of our new members and guests. Feel free to ask away! Also, the search feature is invaluable. Be sure to check the forum labeled "archives" for some great posts.
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    Anthias, why doesn't everyone have them?

    Was just feeding the tank tonight and came to the conclusion that every large reef tank should be required to have some of these beautiful fish. I got 3 Bartlett's from here when they were on sale and man they look good. Peaceful, colorful, and schooling. Also seem to be 100% reef safe. Can't...
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    In sump pump

    What are you guys having luck with? I'm tired of replacing Magnum pumps. Was using a Mag 1200.
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    A quick note to our guests...

    Every day we have thousands of guests visit this site. I want to take just a second to say hello and welcome! I also want to encourage you to sign up and join in our discussions. It's pain free I promise No one on this forum was born with the knowledge to keep saltwater tanks. Each of us have...
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    Derasa Clam hosting an anemone?

    So my two Occ. Clowns are beginning to pair up. The bigger is growing faster and has taken up residence in my BTA. This morning, while lights are still off I noticed my smaller clown was dancing and rubbing himself on my clam. Now, 2 hours later, he's laying right in it. My question is has...
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    Video card

    Getting a new computer; what's a good video card to go with? Want it to be quick, run games, but don't need the fancy editing stuff. Any suggestions?