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  1. bot587

    120 gallon tank CHEAP! morristown NJ, 07960

    Here is the score... if anyone wants this tank the first person to email me and promise to show up either tomorrow or saturday with $300 in hand will get the following: 120 gallon all glass aquarium (48x24x24) 120 gallon stand with cabinet Prizm Deluxe Protein Skimmer Shark Wet Dry Filter (good...
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    120 Gallon Tank, stand, and extras fs

    120 gallon tank 48x24x24 $375 48" Metal Halide Setup (4 months old) 2x250 watt 500 watt total mogul $275 Prizm Deluxe Skimmer (teamnj you still have dibs on this, just need you to come pick it up) Shark Wet Dry Filter with tons of bioballs (if you want extra) $75 Mag Drive 9.5 pump $50 Power...
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    120 gallon tank FS morristown NJ

    last post was deleted due to the fact that you are not allowed to sell corals etc... team i need your email again, you can contact me at 973-615-9884 to pick up your skimmer whenever your rdy Also, i lost the email of the person who had offered for the 120 gallon tank 350$ for the tank thanks...
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    Livestock must go moving

    ok guys here is the deal this is the third time posting this its just the livestock posting of my "120 gallon tank morristown NJ 07960" thread. I dont know why but swf loves to delete this thread so here is my email and contact info take it down in case it gets deleted again. cell: 973-615-9884...
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    Livestock for sale since somehow it got deleted????

    Livestock Feather Duster x3 Zooanthids (brown) Zooanthids (green) Zooanthids (orange) Orange Monti Cap Yellow Colonial Polyps White Star Polyps Long Tentacle Plate Candy cane coral Pipe organ coral Bubble Tip Anemone Torch Coral Toadstool Leather (2 stalks) Chaetomorph Mated Pair of Clown Fish...
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    Selling livestock Morristown NJ

    Feather Duster x3 Zooanthids (brown) Zooanthids (green) Zooanthids (orange) Orange Monti Cap Yellow Colonial Polyps White Star Polyps Long Tentacle Plate Candy cane coral Pipe organ coral Bubble Tip Anemone Torch Coral Toadstool Leather (2 stalks) Chaetomorph Mated Pair of Clown Fish Chevron...
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    120 Gallon Tank FS Morristown, NJ 07960

    The Classified Forum is "A forum for members to sell their used aquarium supplies." Placing an item for sale in this forum come with some rules. 1) NO posting links to sites that are in direct compitetion of 2) No posting links to websites that have advertisments or links to sites in...
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    120 gallon aquarium for sale this is the post. The only things that are sold are the stars the Long tentacle disk coral, and the anemone! =) everything else is still fair game arrange pick up between decmber 22- january 16
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    120 Gallon Aquarium For Sale!!! (MUST GO) NJ

    My family has told me we are planning on moving next door, the 120 cant go =(... Items on and in the tank include: 125 #'s LR 140 #'s LS 120 Gallon tank + stand (black trim) no craclks or leaks 20 gallon wet dry filter Prizm Deluxe Skimmer 2 Overflow Boxes Mag Drive 9 pump (1200 gph) 4 Power...
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    30" MH with 2x65 watt pc and moonlights for sale in NJ

    ok guys this is teh deal i leave for college tomorrow... after that ima put up on that big auction site... you have a chance now to take this 2.5 week old system off my hands (just upgraded to a 120 gallon tank no need for this system) the price is 200 dollars and you come here and get this 350...
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    Coral problem (colt)

    all of my corals are doing great: Plate coral yellow polyps white star polyps candy cane toadstool The only problem is my colt... it is slowly melting away this is the second time it has happened... any ideas????
  12. bot587

    selling a few items

    make offers fluval 203 overflow box rated up to 800 gph (dont ask what company, i dun remember) 29 gallon tank 25 gallon eclipse 30" 2x65 watt pc lighting (worked great on my 29) 15 gallon hex (used as refugium worked great) mag drive 3 pump (350 gph) Little Giant Pump (700 gph)
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    is it safe to leave nori in overnight?

    ummmm title says it all lol
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    Are Chevron Tangs Hardy?

    i just got a chevron tang after a ong debate over what fish to make my central show fish in my 120 reef... i have done a lot of research, but no one has really posted how hardy these tangs are.... i see its marke as easy for care... any input?
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    Rabbit, Hutch, food, etc

    im trying to get rid of my rabbit before i go back off to college... dont want to leave the responsibility on my parents... I live in Morristown, NJ... anyone interested???
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    30" Metal Halide Retro for sale

    selling 30" 150w MH lighting with 2x65 watt pc's and lunar lights also a built in fan... the system is 2 weeks old and im looking to get a fair price on it... the reason i dont need it anymore is my 30 gallon flooded so i just combined my 120 and 30.... my cannister filter had a tubing break in...
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    are yellow tangs nasty?

    im thinking of getting a yellow tang, are they nasty or could they be kept with other small fish as long as i added it last
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    looking to stock my 120 any suggestions?

    i want to know what you guys would do! all that is in there right now is a lawnmower blenny and a yellow tail black chromis also a bunch of corals (colt, mushrooms, candycane, toadstool, white star polyps, yellow colonial polyps)
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    looking to buy magdrive 9.5

    i need to buy a magdrive in sump pump anyone have one for sale?
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    WTB Protein Skimmer (120 gallon)

    im looking to buy a protein skimmer suitable for a 120 gallon tank