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  1. javatech

    BTA floating??? Looks ok though. What do you think?

    If he was going up he was looking for the light, but it might have been too munch too fast next time try putting the light up higher for a week or so and then start to lower it over a week you also need to test your ph before and after the lights go on And what's your temperature swing as your...
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    Any body out there in the SW Mo area?

    check out
  3. javatech

    carpet anemone help

    Need some tank spec's age, size, lighting, .....
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    Do you have a Skimmer running in you tank if you do that should be all you need air stone in a salt tank just make a mess get a oxygen test kit to make sure you even have a problem, you can get it tested at your lfs but you must get it tested fast within a few mins of taking it out of the tank
  5. javatech

    Cracked Tank

    I think i'v found a way to fix it and only lose 4 gal space being the crack is in the far corner im going to try to just box of the corner so it will be a five sided tank the glass is not the problem i can get what ever i want for free , i wook in a AFG glass plant i just want to see if i can...
  6. javatech

    Blue Carpet Anemone

    I see he got kicked out on -- under his user name it says Moved On :hilarious
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    Orange ric problem

    Ph is an ongoing concern for reef keepers and aquarists. Typicaly it is a concern more focused towards reef tanks because fish tanks can tollerate a larger flux in Ph levels before causing irreversible damage. In contrast a reef environment must maintane a constant Ph level in order to sustain...
  8. javatech

    Cracked Tank

    I was drilling my new 75 gal tank and was on the 4th hole and my macaw let out a loud screech and i cracked the tank on the end now all the other holes are ok and i have a 10X20" sheet of 1/4" glass i could patch it with from the inside , it would go from the top to the bottom and over lap the...
  9. javatech

    Ge Reverse Osmosis System

    Take a look here it were i got mine a few years ago and i keep geting replacement filters there too good price and great service no links
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    I guess this is why you need good lighting for anemones check the pics

    Looks like a Atlantic Carpet Anemone they are not host for any clown fish but my cleaner shrimp loves mine
  11. javatech

    Spa Flex Questions

    go to savko dot com they have a grate price on spaflex
  12. javatech

    Tulip Snail for Coral; Thermos trade

    this is the info i found, i have not seen any thing about them being poisons to touch Banded Tulip Fasciolaria hunteria Common in shallow grassy bays. Harder to find along the beach as it likes the grass flats that are in the bay. Up to 3" a small predatory snail that feeds on clams. The...
  13. javatech

    Is My BTA splitting

    when mine was spliting it looked like that for a few days so all i did was to snip it and the next day it was doing fine
  14. javatech

    dowflake 77

    you can also use some of the ice melts too like driveway heet
  15. javatech

    dowflake 77
  16. javatech

    $297.57 for a .5in 96 by 48 acrylic sheet

    Here is my plywood and glass tank it's only 145 gal with a 100 gal rubbermaid sump
  17. javatech

    Salinity Leverl LFS

    What did you use to test it, a Refractometer ?
  18. javatech

    Found the Perfect drip line any Nurses

    You should remove the link to *********** before a mod does Originally Posted by ecoman im gettin an acclimater real soon from the net.. check it out ACCLIMATOR HERE - SELF PRIMING - CONTROL DRIP
  19. javatech

    Anemone Problem; Pinky has a HOLE in the Bottom; Heres the PICS; Please HELP

    Maybe it's just spliting, they look like hell when they are splitting
  20. javatech

    Branson, MO trade rocks for plants

    Try fishheads dot org