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  1. sw65galma

    Urchin Pro Help

    I need someone to measure for me where the "water Line" is in relation to the bottom of the Urchin Pro... I got mine used and the sticker came off and I have no idea where to have the water level. Thanks
  2. sw65galma

    Hawiian Dragon Moray and Snowflake together?

    Would they be Ok in a 92. the HDM Eel is about 18 and the SFE is about 12-14 ish? They would be the only inhabitants. Also any problems with putting some soft corals, would the eels get stung?
  3. sw65galma

    300g,92g All For Sale Brockton, Mass 02302

    Don't know what direction it is yet, but It's all up for sale. In some cases live stock must be sold first. All are Best offer, I don't have time to look up all the prices just yet, so if you see something way off, Send me and Offer! 300G acrylic tank with dual overflows and stand - $1000obo...
  4. sw65galma

    FS: 400W MH Bulbs, Ballasts, Fixtures, etc. Bos, Ma.

    [hr] I had great plans of making a super duper hood, but changed my mind and will end up just buying a nice fixture. The money I save making my own isn't worth my time.. So here is what i have managed to collect... (from the description of when i bought it, close to a year ago) A 4 month old...
  5. sw65galma

    Emperor Angel and French Angel in 300g?

    I have a large Emperor, almost adult. Would it get along with a Smaller French Angel??
  6. sw65galma

    Difference between Picaso and Asassi Trigger lists it as a Asassi Trigger, which looks what I bought as a Humu Humu.. What's the difference?
  7. sw65galma

    Kent Marnine Nautilus EX 24" /w pump (Boston, MA.)

    have a Kent Marnine Nautilus EX 24" Stack w/ new Mag 12 for sale. I bought it new and it didn't fit in my sump where I wanted it, I ran it for about a month, but it was too far away from the sump and the pump had to much head pressure to be effecient...Instead of getting a bigger pump, I'm gonna...
  8. sw65galma

    Zebra Moray??

    Ok in a FOWLR tank??
  9. sw65galma

    Mantis w/Fish Odd Couple

    He's a slasher mantis that "Should" eat fish..
  10. sw65galma

    Odd Couple

  11. sw65galma

    Upgraded 54 Corner bow to 92 Corner

    Before: After: *note Broke a bulkhead so i couldn't hook up my sump, hence the heaters in the tank!
  12. sw65galma

    New Slasher Mantis

    Who wants to pet him? Not exactly sure what his species is.. Pretty tail
  13. sw65galma

    Reb lobsters

    You know the ones we eat? Has anyone tried keeping a small one? Just saw them at the super market and it hit me...I could get a nice small one for a few $$/lb lol... Or are they colder water....
  14. sw65galma

    Stupid heaters

    I'm going crazy with heaters, I've tried every brand and i can't get them to stay constant. I'll look at the temp of my tank and see that it's over temp and the heater is still on... I back it down a degree at a time and it drops a few degrees. I've tried Ebo's, Pro heats Titatium ICs, Rena, and...
  15. sw65galma

    Video of My Maroon making a mess

    From Maroon Vs m2 Heres some video. Click here to watch Maroon1 Give the 2nd one a good 2mins to load. dunno why. Click here to watch Maroon2 The second one he spits sand, if you watch real close you can see him. Try this one, It's both...
  16. sw65galma

    Using a Distiller instead of RO

    Anyone ever tried a water distiller? My dad had one a long time ago worked real good. I was thinking this for the people that don't want to spend all the money for rodi.. :thinking: No filters to change either...
  17. sw65galma

    How to sex a maroon?

    You can read about my funny adventures with my maroon clown here. But i was wondering how can i tell the gender? I just got it from a fellow reefer...He had it 2's been alone all that time if I'm not mistaken.
  18. sw65galma

    Maroon 4 Vs Me 2

    Ok so if you saw my other thread about my maroon ruining my 54 corner bow He dug up sand everywhere he could find it.. Point 1 So i layed rock covering the sand bed...I have almost 1,000lbs of LR at my...
  19. sw65galma

    What causes Mushrooms to close?

    All my mushrooms are closed? (this was before my maroon made a mess of the tank) I have a green one, 3 red and a hairy (they came on a rock ) They've been in the tank for 2 weeks, were open all the time. Then all of a sudden they didn't open and stayed they are just sorta half open...
  20. sw65galma

    Need help adjusting Nautilus EX skimmer

    I have it on a Mag 12 and I really don't see any form of adjusting it besides the output... Anyone have one of these?