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  1. sonny

    All hermits vicious?

    I got my Aquarium fish (Jan. 2002) magazine this week, and there is an article in it by Ron Shimek about hermit crabs. He says that ALL hermit crabs are omnivorous, and there should not be any in a reef aquarium. He stopped short of saying that they should not be in any aquarium, but just...
  2. sonny

    Dry goods from SWF

    Will Saltwater fish EVER get dry goods??? It seems to me that dry goods would be much easier to sell than fish... all you need is a warehouse, which could be a fairly small room, but tanks to keep fish take tons of work and room. We can't post any other sites to buy dry goods (which I don't...
  3. sonny

    Tank with HIGH ph

    I have a 240 gallon tank that has been set up for about one year. It has a strong pump (iwaki 55RLT) that pumps about 800-900 gph after the 6 foot rise. It has base rock in it (probably 300 pounds) that was dry, and is now (after a year) full of bacteria, and a Lifegard fluidized sand filter...
  4. sonny

    Cement live rock

    Has anybody ever made their own live rock out of cement? I found instructions on the web for making it, curing it, and seeding it with natural live rock... It takes a long time to make it, but the total cost comes out to about ten cents per pound. Sonny
  5. sonny

    DIY Metal Halides

    I am working on setting up my 135 gallon reef tank, and am planning the lighting system. I have decided to go with three 400 watt metal halides with two VHO actinics. I want to be able to keep the really colorful acroporas and other sps corals. I found a core and coil MH ballast at a local...