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  1. crash519

    Need GOOD in-sump skimmer

    I'm looking for a good in-sump skimmer for my 58 gal. that can be used on a possible 90 - 110 later. Please don't offer Red Sea Berlins, any hang-ons or Sea Clone quality skimmers. I've already wasted money on a used Berlin and the mods that were supposed to make it work (Mag 7 and Kent venturi)...
  2. crash519

    40-50lbs of LR needed in Dallas area

    I need about 40-50lbs of LR to add to my existing 50 lbs. I'll be relocating the tank in 2 weeks and would like to have it by then to add when it gets moved. Thanks!
  3. crash519

    Stand in progress!

    My 58 gal. stand is coming along nicely. I'm only working on it a little each evening, then moving over to resealing the tank. Here are the pics: Reefecentral Gallery The top is only sitting on there right now. It gets glued and screwed tonight. Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.
  4. crash519

    DIY Stand this weekend

    I'm starting my custom stand for my 58 gal this weekend. I'm planning on using 2x4's for the frame and skin it with 1/4". Since this is a glass aquarium, is there any need for a plywood on the top? With a 36" span is there really a need for vertical supports in the middle? It sure would be...
  5. crash519

    Dolphin Powerheads any good?

    I'm trying to decide between Mag-Drive and Dolphin powerheads for a closed loop and a return pump. I keep hearing about the heat the Mag-Drives create. Are the Dolphins just as bad? What about power consumption? I will need two Mag 9.5's or the Dolphin equivelant. TIA
  6. crash519

    Will this work as base rock?

    It's natural white/grey weathered limestone. What should I do prior to using it?
  7. crash519

    Closed Loop w/SCWD

    I am planning on using a SCWD for a closed loop system similar to Marc's Closed Loop I was thinking about getting holes drilled in the back for the closed loop outlet and two inlets. Would this be a good or bad idea in everyones opinion? I'm getting the bottom drilled this weekend for an...
  8. crash519

    What do you think of these?

    Lights on ---- They make some pretty bold claims, like all the other ---- scams, but the light don't seem to bad. They claim 8255 lumens, 6500K and a CRI of 84. I have no idea what the CRI is, much less the lumens, but the 6500k sounds good:notsure:
  9. crash519

    Live Sand Shelf Life

    First, let me congradulate everyone on an excellent forum. I've learned a lot just browsing the post. My question is the shelf life of live sand. I bought a 58 gal. which the original owner had LS and LR in it when I bought it. He drained the tank and put the LS (approx. 30lb.) in a bucket...
  10. crash519

    Wanted 40+gal. in Dallas area

    I'm looking to start a new saltwater setup and I need a good setup. I'm looking for systems over 40 gallons. I'd prefer tank and stand combos, but anything will work. Surely there are people out there ready to upgrade:thinking: PM me or email at Thanks:)