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  1. a9chooch

    powder brown tang

    do you think a powder brown tang will be ok in my 55gallon reef tankor is my tank to small.i have a yellow tang,green chromis,redlip blenny,tomatoe clown,and a firefish goby.if i can get a powder brown tang i will get rid of my tomatoe clown and redlip blenny.any help will be great thanks
  2. a9chooch

    i need help fast,cap 1800 ?

    i just got my wet/dry and i was wondering if you can turn the cap 1800 return pump down,im returning more water than getting.its returning a lot of bubbles into my tank so i need it turned down.if you can turn down the flow some1 please help me fast.::notsure:
  3. a9chooch

    wet/dry ?

    how much do brand new wet/drys for up to 75 gallons with a built in protein skimmer and all pumps included,a complete setup, how much do they go for.:notsure:
  4. a9chooch

    protein skimmer ?

    i need a good external protein skimmer for my 55 gallon for around $100.does anyone know a good one to get
  5. a9chooch

    visi-jet proten skimmer for sale

    i have a visi jet protein skimmer for sale.i used it for about 2 weeks and im gona get rid of it for a really good one.the one i have now works god but im going to be adding a lot more fish and live rock and corals so i want a really good one to keep my water in good condition.ill sell it for...
  6. a9chooch

    possible baby fish

    i just looked in my tank and saw about 100 little things swimming around.i have never seen them before and they look like little fish.they are a little bigger then a grain of sand.they are fast and are a white color.i cant post a pic because i cant get a good one.should i leave them in my tank...
  7. a9chooch

    picture of redlip blenny

    hi i just got a redlip blenny and i want to see pictures of other peoples redlip if you have one can you post a picture of him.thanks
  8. a9chooch

    yellow seahorse ?

    hi if i was to buy a yellow seahorse from would he be ok in my reef tank with a redlip blenny,yellow tang,green chromis,firefish goby,tomatoe clown,and a purpleback pseudochromis.with 2 peppermint, 1scarlet hermit crab and a queen conch.i have about 50 lbs of live rock in there and a...
  9. a9chooch

    can someone post a picture of what 25lbs of.......

    can someone post a pic of how much 25lbs of fiji live rock from looks like.i want to get an idea of how much u get.thanks
  10. a9chooch

    protein skimmer ?

    do u need to have a protein skimmer to have a reef tank.i have one but it wasnt cleaning anything out so i took it out,i had it in there for about 2 weeks,its not a good one but its decent,its a visi-jet protein skimmer.any help will be great thanks:happy:
  11. a9chooch

    yellow and ricordea polyps

    hi i ordered ricordea and yellow polyps from swf and they will be here tommorow.i was wondering if anyone can tell me what they eat,i feed my other soft corals dt's live plankton,would that be ok for the yellow and ricordeas. thanks
  12. a9chooch

    looking for live rock around chicago

    i need anywhere from 5-20lbs of live rock,if you have any for sale let me know how much a lb and what kind it is.thanks
  13. a9chooch

    how do you post a picture

    can anyone help me on posting a picture?where do you go and how do you do it.thanks
  14. a9chooch

    Did .............

    did move into their new facility yet?:happy:
  15. a9chooch

    i need live rock

    i need anywhere from 5 to 25lbs of live rock.if you have some to get rid of let me know or if you know where to get it cheap holla at me, thanks
  16. a9chooch

    lighting ?

    hey i just got jebo 48" 4x55w lights with 2 antic blue and 2 50/50 bulbs,i was wondering if i should turn on antic blue bulbs first and then 50/50's or can i turn them all on at just checking so i dont mess up my fish and corals by blinding them or something. thanks:help:
  17. a9chooch

    help-baserock and corals

    will corals,polyps,mushrooms be fine living on base/dry rock?
  18. a9chooch

    base rock and corals ?

    hi i was wondering if corals,polyps,and mushrooms would be ok living on base/dry rock.:help: thanks
  19. a9chooch

    sixline wrasse

    can anyone give me info on the sixline wrasse other than what posted.
  20. a9chooch

    ricordea polyp

    hi im thinking about buying a ricordea polyp and i was wondering if anyone can tell me something about them.are they friendly towards fish,what they eat,how fast they spread.anything will be helpful, thanks