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  1. helpme74

    VARIOS-8 or Cor-20 ?

    Can I get everyone's opinion to help me to decide on which pump to purchase for my sump? let me know if you own one and what you like or dislike about the pump. I want to hook it up on an Apex controller. Thanks
  2. helpme74

    tank everthing for $1000.00

    I Live In Union ,MO and I'm moving . I need to sale everything. I have over $3500.00 invested into this reef setup. I would like to get $1000.00 for everything. Call James at 636-388-1091 or email me at
  3. helpme74

    Brown dusting on glass

    OK i have a brown dusting on my glass and i have a AquaC Remora skimmer but do i need a better one to keep the brown dust building up on my glass? How can i keep this building up?
  4. helpme74

    id please

    what is the brown stuff? is it bad?
  5. helpme74

    Salifert Flatworm Exit

    OK i found out today that i have red color flat worms. anyone ever used Salifert Flatworm Exit to kill them? I don't want to kill anything other then flatworms.
  6. helpme74

    do you run a UV Sterilizer?

    tell me what you think about them i have a Coralie 36W Turbo Twist UV Sterilizer I'm thinking about putting it up for sale
  7. helpme74

    Chiller in Cabinet Question

    OK i just built a custom cabinet and I would like to put my chiller in it . I have one 120mm fan for supply air and two 120mm fans for exhaust air. I will be putting my chiller back up against my two 120mm exhaust fans so there will be no heat returning inside cabinet . Will this work? My...
  8. helpme74

    what does my KH and ALK?

    Can some one tell me what my KH and ALK need to be both High and Lows would be great!!
  9. helpme74

    What bulb for Chaeto ?

    I need some help of picking a bulb for growing Chaeto Any other kelvin let me know. Let me know what watt of bulbs to. Thanks for all your help!!! if you got a good place to buy the bulbs or model number send me a email subject chaeto
  10. helpme74

    What salt do you use?

    Let me know what salt you all are using and good and bad thing about the salt.
  11. helpme74

    KENT Marine Sea Salt ?

    I'm using Instant Ocean Reef Crystals now but I'm thinking about switching too Kent Sea Salt. Has anyone used Kent Sea Salt if so please let me now your experience with this product. Thanks for all your help
  12. helpme74

    Id please

    I can't stop this stuff growing . it keeps coming back. I have a 75 gal reef ready temp 77 PH 8.3 Salinity 1.024 Cal 450 KH 12.5 ALK 4.34 AMM 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0
  13. helpme74

    lighting schedule help

    ok i have a 75 gallon reef ready tank with some corals and fish. My curent lighting schedule is : Actinics two 96watt bulbs 11:00am on 11:00pm off [hr] Metal halide two 150 watt total 300 watts 12:50 on 6pm off [hr] Moon lights 4 led lights 10:50pm on 3:15am off [hr] if you can help...
  14. helpme74

    Calcium, Alkalinity,Magnesium

    What shoud the readings be high and low ? feef tank Calcium, Alkalinity,Magnesium
  15. helpme74

    DT’s Pure Reef Elements ?

    Has anyone use this stuff before let me know what you think? Its a 3 part A- CA B- ALK C- MG
  16. helpme74

    stray voltage test

    My apartment building has old wire 2 prong outlet with no ground. If I put a gfi plug in and run a new ground from my copper water line to my gfi that would be a good ground right? also when testing for stray voltage I put one end of my volt meter to the gfi ground and the other end in my sump...
  17. helpme74

    stray voltage ?

    If I have a Hydro Koralia # 4 power head in a 5 gallon bucket filled with water and a digital electric meter with one end on ground and the other end in the water should I be getting any voltage readings? Will the pumps magnets make an electrical field the gives me a false volt reading?
  18. helpme74

    110 volt digital timers

    Asking price for all 5 $25.00 + Shipping All timers work no problems I’m upgrading to computer controlled system I have 4 Intermatic 24 hour digital timers model # DT121 Intermatic Model # DT121C 8.3 Amps, Resistive and Inductive 300 Watts Tungsten 1/3 H.P. 125 VAC, 60 Hz Uses 2 L1154...
  19. helpme74

    sand sifting cucumber?

    I'm thinking on buying one for my 75 gal tank . Has anyone had anything bad happen to there tank with a sand sifting cucumber? tell me what you think about them i have fine sand.
  20. helpme74

    Yellow Cucumber?

    Ok I went through 5 diamond goby and I need something to clean the bottom of my tank. I have fine sand. Someone told me that a Yellow Cucumber will clean the sand very good. Does anyone have one? Let me know what you think about them. And also if they die do the put poison into the water. My 75...