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  1. kjohansen

    What type of star is this?

    What type of star is this? Started out very small, but is growing pretty fast.
  2. kjohansen

    A few pics of things in my 24 Aquapod...

    Here are a few pics from my tank..
  3. kjohansen

    What could this be??

    This started growing out of one of the rocks, anyone know what it is?
  4. kjohansen

    My clown hosting a Frogspawn..

    Here is one of my clowns hosting the Hammer.. Pretty cute!!
  5. kjohansen

    Can anyone ID this?

    I saw this one and another one. They move around and I have seen like a white tenticle or something come out of this one.
  6. kjohansen

    Is this a bristle worm?

    I saw this guy coming out of a rock tonight when the lunar LED lights came on. He is red with white bristles. Here is a pic, sorry for the quality but it is as good as I can get with the LED lights on. Any bright light and the worm is right back in the rock. If this guy is bad, how do I get rid...
  7. kjohansen

    Photo diary of my Aquapod 24 HQI 150

    Here are some photos of the startup and ongoings of my Aquapod 24.
  8. kjohansen

    Are these bad to have?

    Here are two pics... One is a star, is this one I want to get rid of? And then in the second one, i have these all over that rock. Any idea what they might be? Feather Dusters? Or Aptasia?
  9. kjohansen

    My AP 24 HQI 150...

    I am just getting started.. I have about 17 pounds of LR and 30 lbs of sand in it. I am getting another 17 - 20 pounds of LR tomorrow. Here is a pic that I took this afternoon of it..
  10. kjohansen

    Got any idea what this might be?

    I got some LR rock yesterday from LFS, good stuff and got some rubble for my sump area on my AP 24. Well I was waiting for the silt to setttle after adding my sand and moving it around. I had a couple of the small pieces setting in tank near the front. I noticed a small snail like critter...
  11. kjohansen

    Which fan replacement for AP 24 HQI/Sunpod

    I've seen some on here who have replaced the fan on the Sunpod because it is noisy. I know the replacement most times is a Cool Max, but what size are you buying?
  12. kjohansen

    My 24 gal Aquapod HQI 150 arrived..

    Well my AP 24 HQI 150 arrived. I have to order some other stuff to set it up. I am starting all over after a 10 year hiatus from SW setups. Actually no aquariums for that amount of time. I am looking forward to getting it set up and running. Will be adding live sand and about 25 - 30 lbs of of...
  13. kjohansen

    100 - 150 watt heaters?

    What are you using for your heater?? What is the most reliable brand out there today? Come on, inquring minds want to know.
  14. kjohansen

    Hydor Koralia

    What are your thoughts on these? They look like they work pretty slick.. Couple them with a surge power strip and you could get some good wave action. Input anyone??
  15. kjohansen

    Which salt mix are you using??

    I have been out of FOWLW tanks for over 15 years. I am in a position to set up a new tank. I am curious what everyone is doing for their salt mix? I was using Instant Ocean salt before. My new tanks will be full reef systems. The main tank is going to be a 125 gallon.
  16. kjohansen

    Has anyone kept an anemone more than a year?

    I am curious how many of you have had an anemone live more than two years? I was reading a Clown Fish book tonight and she was stating that most carpet anemones will not live in an aquarium. Anyone have one of these? I see some of you have BTA's, she does state that they have a better chance of...
  17. kjohansen

    Aquapod vs Biocube?

    I would be interested to see some people who own both to give some pro and cons about both. I am going to buy one of them, just not sure yet which one. Ultimately I will be building a 100 - 150 gallon reef. I am certainly not new to the hobby, just took a long break. I was in it when keeping...