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  1. saltymarine

    speaking of lucky to be near the beach...

    I think that opinions are mostly like butt holes, everyone has one and some definitely stink worse than others. I know people say they "know" a lot of things but until research, personal experience or scientific data are gained then it is nothing more than an "opinion" not fact. See first...
  2. saltymarine

    New Pico Tank Build

    Originally Posted by meowzer Kenya tree....LOL...Attachment 235010 A nightmare of a grows worse than a weed...I have it all over, and I have been throwing pieces in my refugium. Don;t get me wrong...I like it....You just need to know it is a spreader..:) Do not throw it away! I...
  3. saltymarine

    bleeding heart acan

    Horrible deal! I will do you a favor and take them off of your hands for $25
  4. saltymarine

    hair alage is driving me nuts

    Originally Posted by meowzer I wish I had a LFS......Mine is being shipped...LOL M&M and Fins and Critters just don't cut it. I wish there was a better fish store in Lawton.
  5. saltymarine

    warty corallimorph Discosoma sanctithomae

    Those are awesome!
  6. saltymarine

    New member

    BTW that is one of the best tanks i have ever seen. Keep up the good work!
  7. saltymarine

    New member

    Originally Posted by jbirdsnest Purple is my favorite color. I think flow is the reason for good coraline growth. I want to replace the power heads that I have with one vortech but that requires some dough. The you can send me your Koralias!
  8. saltymarine

    LS question

    Yes it is more than likely organic waste and completely safe to remove. Use a protein skimmer and it should get rid of it.
  9. saltymarine

    Scopas Tang

    I wouldn't recommend it but opinions vary. You have two Tangs in there already and a third may be asking for trouble.
  10. saltymarine

    Marine Compatability Chart

    Originally Posted by tjnitro being that came from a competitor's site i am guessing it will not become sticky. Just about every piece of useful information comes from something someone would consider a "competitor" did not invent and research everything there is to know about the...
  11. saltymarine

    Im Back, New Chiller & Tankshots... Pics!!

    Beautiful tank BTW!
  12. saltymarine

    Im Back, New Chiller & Tankshots... Pics!!

    I wouldn't add more than one or two fish tops. How big is your tank?
  13. saltymarine

    Gsp In Trouble?!?!

    Awesome tank Big!
  14. saltymarine

    Nano Reefers! Info and Tank Photos!

    Where? There is a Pink Tip Haitian Anemone that is doing awesome toward the top left. If you are referring toward front/center part of the tank that is a frilly mushroom I think. It was a hitchhiker so I don't know.
  15. saltymarine

    29G Nano (SaltyMarine)

    Ty man it is a work in progress but I am working on getting more rock and corals.
  16. saltymarine

    29G Nano (SaltyMarine)

  17. saltymarine

    Mini Anemones

    Ok sounds good
  18. saltymarine

    Mini Anemones

    I have these mini anemone's on a shell I got from a buddy. He has them all over his tank and they are reproducing like crazy. They are not mushrooms or aiptasia. Any ideas?
  19. saltymarine

    29G Nano (SaltyMarine)

    Latest pics: