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  1. judyk

    Wiring help please

    I don't know much about wiring, but when I went to change my bulbs on my coralife pc, two of the end caps broke. I ordered universal ones on line but they don't have a clip sticking out to wire to. I was told to just strip the wires and put in the back but they fall out. Someone suggested...
  2. judyk

    I'm so excited!

    My sister, daughter and I are going to the Jimmy Buffet concert tonight in Orlando. I have my margarita's already mixed and in my cooler. We are hoping to tailgate before the concert.
  3. judyk

    kalk question

    I want to start dripping kalk in my tank. I mix 1 gallon of Ro/DI with 1 tsp. of Mrs. Wage's in a gallon jug and shake it. After I let it sit, it still stays milky. Is'nt it suppose to clear up and leave a settlement in the bottom?
  4. judyk

    Brown sugar in tank

    I just read an article that suggested using brown sugar or unprocessed honey monthly to prevent cyan. Anyone heard of this or tried it?
  5. judyk

    Lighting question

    I'm planning to upgrade from pc on my 72 bowfront. I've done much research and I'm even more confused. I think I'm leaning towards T-5's instead of MH. Would 4, 6, or 8 X 54 be best for most corals if I go to T-5"s? Also, would the manufacture make a difference? I'm understanding tek is...
  6. judyk

    Plate question

    I bought a short tenacled plate and cabbage leather with zoos Friday afternoon. Before I could get them home I had an emergency. My son picked them up and put the bags in my tank. He left the lights on (260 pc). About 5 hours later I got home and put them on the bottom. The plate has shown...
  7. judyk

    sick sea urchin

    My rock boring sea urchin came on my rock well over a year ago dime size. Now, it's full grown and usually active. This week it has stayed on the sand next to the rock like it's trying to climb it, but can't. A few of it's spines on top are laying sideways. I tested my tank and everything is...
  8. judyk

    central floridians

    How about letting us know how you made it through the storm. I was in Daytona yesterday at my usual lfs, they had lost about 75% of their corals. The corals were melted. What a depressing mess. Many are still just getting services and I worry how they and their tanks made it especially in...
  9. judyk

    Advise Please

    I accidently dropped a jar of zooplankton in my 72 with fish and corals last night. I turned off the pumps to let it settle on the bottom and siphoned out as much as I could see. I took out about 8 gallons. What should I do now? I'm buying ro at the store on my way home today because I don't...
  10. judyk

    power outage

    This may sound like a dumb question. Can a FOWLR tank get by for a week with just the powerheads in the tank? I'm going out of town and my return pump sometimes doesn't start up after a power outage. Judy
  11. judyk

    quarantining corals

    I just got an Anthelia from a tank that isn't in too good a shape. One fish had pop eye and he had recently lost a couple other fish. Can corals carry ick or other bacterial diseases? I have it in my QT now. I'm pretty sure I can save the coral but I don't want to cause a disaster with my...
  12. judyk

    fighting conch

    I've had one for a couple months and it turned my sand from brown to white. I'm afraid it will run out of food. What should I feed it or do I need to worry. It's in my 72 gal with only 3 small fish and corals.
  13. judyk

    Sea Urchins

    Does anyone know if sea urchins make a popping noise? I have had live rock in my 55 since Oct. I found a mantis shrimp immediatly and got it out. But I still keep hearing popping off and on. By the time I get to the tank it stops. I've looked day and night with a flashlight and cannot find...