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  1. na827

    Purple Tang For Sale in Maimi FL

    Make me an offer! Pick up only In dade county near miramar right off i-75
  2. na827

    Complete setup for sale in Miami FL

    Complete set up tank, lights, wet/dry filter, skimmer, fish, live rock, corals, heaters and more. Tank, measures 36 1/4 x 12 5/8 x 19 3/4 which is around 45 to 50 gallon tank. (Good Condition, has some coraline buildup on glass which needs to be scraped off) Stand has a textured finish and is...
  3. na827

    55 Galolon tank for sale in Miami FL

    I have this tank, stand and hood for sale! $100 obo I also have a complete system for sale on _bay, just type in the Item number: 320084313727 to see it.
  4. na827

    55 Gallon Tank and Stand In Miami FL

    Pick up in miami florida only. Asking $100 obo Tanks stand and hood included. :happyfish
  5. na827

    75 gallon tank for sale in Hialeah FL

    75 gallon tank with stand and hood for $100 oboPickup only
  6. na827

    75 Gallon fish tank for sale in Miami FL

    Its a used in good condition fish tank 4 feet long. Comes with hood and stand. Will post picture asap. $80 :thinking:
  7. na827

    150 gallon *reef ready* in Miami FL for Sale Entire setup for sale. Pick-up only Any question let me know. I can also take some more pictures, let me know.
  8. na827

    Overflow box and Sump for sale!

    I have upgraded to a larger tank so i have these items for sale.
  9. na827

    Looking for a VHO retro Kit under $100.

    My sister needs a vho reto kit for her 55 gallon tank. Anybody got one for sale let me know.
  10. na827

    Nutrafin Calcium Test Kit INSTRUCTIONS?

    I just bought it and it had none.:confused: If you can post them i would appreciate it.:)
  11. na827

    Anyone know where is a good place to get a Tank Re-Sealed??

    I have a tank that need to be resealed, but can't find a place that does it. I live in Miami FL. any help will be nice. Thanks:rolleyes: