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  1. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    I would add a blueface or a scribbled plus they dont carry the potential aggression you would've gotten from a passer angel.
  2. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    OMG, a Sailfin tang attacking a PasserAngel!! that tang is definitely a terrorist..I would get him out of there in a hurry. Put him in a tank with a queen or undulated trigger...see if they put up with his !@#$% !
  3. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    Thansk GTD ....btw i just came from the shop in woodbridge and Will said his supplier has a large 8" Passer if youre interested. He still has the medium size Passr in the shop but i believe one of his clients is going to purchase it.
  4. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    heres a pic of a fowlers (Acanthurus fowleri)
  5. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    GTD I picked up today a Fowlers and a Dussmieri tang from another nice lfs in NJ. These guys also ship. LMK if you want the link when you're ready for more fish. Pete
  6. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    Rcreations I'm not sure i agree with removing the copper. If he does remove the cuppramine and puts in a fish in a week or so, how do you know the ich that killed the queen is still not in the tank? I think he has three choices: 1) leave the copper so it can kill of any remaining parasites...
  7. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    GT , when this ordeal is over, you may want to call the shop i told you about in Woodbridge. They received a Passer angel last week. I saw it on Wednesday and he looks pretty good. FYI, I always keep extra filter pads or sponges in my dt sump in case my qt crashes i just throw in the pads...
  8. peter1215

    New Fishies!! Annularis and Butterflies!

    Very nice angel Aquanight...i was considering getting one but i already have a french and an emperor. they're all from the same genus so dont want to push my luck. do you have other angels in your DT?
  9. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    wow! thats a rough night! how long has the QT been running? In addition to the water changes, you can also add one of those additives that help cycle the tank and adds nitrifying bacteria. I would also do the water changes with water from my DT. I wouldnt add another fish until the tank is...
  10. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    I would start treating with prazi and cupramine . you can also try a fresh water dip for a few minutes. I received my french angel today and dipped him in fresh water with prazi before he was put in the QT. I saw at least 5 flukes fall off yet he looked and ate fine in the LFS> good luck
  11. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    ok i guess theres a first for everything...I have a 8" blue face angel who right now is the king of the tank and is always out and eats everything i put in the tank since day one!!! I personally love the colors on an adult blue face more than a passer. Passers are also notorious for harrasing...
  12. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    very nice angels GT...I'm supposed to pick up a french and a queen angel tomorrow from my lfs. I'm wondering wether im going to also have to put a divider im my 55g QT. both fish are around 6-7 ". good luck ..
  13. peter1215

    So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...

    Hi Chris, we havent heard from you in a while. any updates on your tanks?
  14. peter1215

    How long should I dose with Prazi and Cupramine while QT dwarf angels and a Tusk ?

    I have always treated all new angels with one dose of prazi while still in qt as they are notorious for coming in with flukes. Id rather do this than risk infecting my dt.
  15. peter1215

    High Nitrates

    I do a biweekly 15-20% water change in my 210dt and managed to keep nitrates around 10-15ppm. I use chemipure elite im my sump. Im not a big fan of using canister filters on my DT unless its temporary to run additional carbon etc... only use cf on my QT. A good skimmer also helps.
  16. peter1215

    flashing question

    any type of parasite can cause a fish to flash. Including ich, flukes, oodimium etc. I wouldnt put the fish in my dt until the flashing has stopped.
  17. peter1215

    Pic of my new tank.....

    I strongly agree with Crypt. A sump with a skimmer is a much bettor option than just canister filter. you would have to buy an overflow box since it looks like this tank is not reef ready.
  18. peter1215

    Ick, suggestions?

    Originally Posted by Stones Fish seem to be doing better(knock on wood). No i haven't pm'd her. Ive done both treatments when i had an outbreak that kept coming back with no affects on the fish. I used cuppramine. if you dont want to go this route you can also try to leave the tank fallow for...
  19. peter1215

    220 FOWL Tank Diary

    Originally Posted by kjr_trig PM sent....I don't know if any correlation, but the coraline started growing when I started adding Kent Essential Elements. My rock became beautiful shades of purple and pink. very nice tank KJR. whats the length of your tank.? can you also send me where you...
  20. peter1215

    Aquaripure Vs Midwest Sulfur Denitrifier

    Originally Posted by srfisher17 Matrix is excellent stuff. Do you have a reef or a FOWLR tank? Nitrates in the range you have won't hurt fish at all; but inverts are another story. Flow is critical; it is possible to have too much flow for good anaerobic bacteria growth with Matrix. I know...